writing overview

An Overview of Writing




system influence communication
visual stage (2) by means of
symbol mark (2) prehistoric
appear sign (2) object (3)
role entertain play a role (2)
enable as well as express (2)
fiction obvious non-fiction
develop article (3) along with
poem terms (3) screenplay
report scientist news report
involve complex present (3)
peers staff (2) document
skill layperson advantage
career improve numerous



Writing is a system of human communication by means of visual symbols or signs. The earliest stages of “writing” consisted of markings on objects in prehistoric times. The first fully developed system of writing appeared only about 5,500 years ago.

Since then writing has played an important role in civilization. Writing enables people to express themselves, as well as to entertain, inform, and influence others.

The most obvious creations of writing are books — both fiction and nonfiction — and magazine and newspaper articles, along with dramas, poems and screenplays.

In everyday terms, writing involves journalists producing news reports, technical writers presenting complex ideas of engineers and scientists to their peers and laypersons, and staff writers preparing documents for businesses and governments.

Having good writing skills is an advantage in any career. There are numerous ways to improve your writing, but the two most important are reading (and listening) and writing itself. Books and classes on writing can also help.

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1. Prehistoric people wrote books, letters and newspapers. True or false?

2. Is reading and writing an essential part of ancient and modern society?

3. Writing serves numerous purposes. Is this right or wrong? What is the purpose of writing?

4. What are some direct results of writing?

5. Do only book authors write as a profession?

6. Writing is not important for scientists, business people and artists. Is this correct or incorrect? Can you give examples?

7. Can people simply learn to write from lectures?


A. I can read and write. Yes or no?

B. When did you learn to read and write? Who taught you to read and write?

C. How did you learn to read and write? Was it fun?

D. Who are some talented or great writers?

E. I am going to write a book or have a blog or website. Yes or no?


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