Working Out




bit (3) rest (2) think/thought/thought (2)
put honestly have-has/had/had
weight careful absolutely
flabby used to apparently
fat (2) keep fit competitive
fit (2) row (2) get out (2)
gym balloon pound (2)
cost look good unbelievable
join (2) actually interested (2)
muscle workout tell/told/told
free (3) trial (3) expensive
put on terrible period (3)
yet session meet/met/met
a drink times (3) know/knew/known
weight strength free weights
fill up club (2) membership
boring come on treadmill (2)
tiring stamina go/went/gone
fine (2) aerobics change (2)
bet (2) weights long time ago
let it go first time keep the change
tired increase cardiovascular






We all like our food in this house — but I think David likes it a bit more than the rest of us.

David: “Nobody else wants this I’ll have it.”
Helen: “David honestly, where do you put it?”
Matt: “You’re such a pig!”
Jane: “If you’re not careful, you’ll put on weight.”
Matt: “He’s already flabby.
David: “No, I’m not.”
Helen: “Apparently Simon used to be quite fat.”
David: “I’m not flabby!”
Helen: “He keeps very fit now; he goes to the gym four four times a week.”
David: “Gyms are so boring; I play tennis — at least that’s competitive.”
Helen: “You used to play tennis.”
David: “I don’t have the time now; anyway Julia thinks I look good.”
Matt: “Yes, but will Julia still think that when you like a balloon?”
David: “Hahaha.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David: “A hundred and fifty pounds a month, and 500 pounds to join? Actually, it’s not really what I’m looking for. Thank you. Bye.”


“Oh hello. I’m interested in joining your health club. Could you tell me how much it is please?”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Julia: “You’re what?”
David: “I’m going to have a workout this evening.”
Julia: “Where?”
David: “At the New Fitness Club.”
Julia: “Isn’t that expensive?”
David: “It is, but they offer a five-day free trial period.”
Julia: “Free?”
David: “Yeah.”
Julia: “Oh David, you’re terrible!”
David: “What’s terrible about that? Anyway I’m starting this evening, so I’ll meet you as soon as I get out.”
Julia: “What time will that be?”
David: “I don’t know yet; I might do a long session, but I’ll give you a call when I finish.”
Julia: “And then we’re going for a drink?”
David: “Absolutely!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Fitness Instructor: “Okay over here we have the weight machines and free weights. Now use these to fill up your muscles and to increase strength.

Over here we have the row machines the exercise bikes and the treadmills. Now these are good for CV exercise.
David: “CV exercise?”
Fitness Instructor: “Cardiovascular . . . aerobics. You use them to our increases stamina to keep you more energy.”

David: “Right.”
Fitness Instructor: “Now I want you to do ten minutes on each machine. You think you can manage to do that?”
David: “Yes I think so.”
Fitness Instructor: “Okay then, let’s start!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Club Member: “You all right?”
David: “Yes, I’m fine just — a bit tired.”
Club Member: It can be tiring the first time.”
David: “This isn’t my first time. I used to do a lot of exercise.”
Club Member: “I bet that was a long time ago.”
David: “Right, weights.”

Julia: “Keep the change.”
Taxi Driver: “Thank you.”
David: “Oh, hi.”
Julia: “Hi, David.”
David: “Hey!”
Julia: “What is it?”
David: “The taxi! Why did you let it go?”
Julia: “But don’t you want to walk into town — it’s much better exercise. Come on.”

So that was the end of David’s five-day — or should I say one-day — membership of the health club. He never went there again.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Gym. The video began in a gym. The opening scene was in a gym. True or false? Where the people exercising?

Health Club. Is David health conscious? Did the others compliment him?

Fitness Center. Has David always been a “couch potato”?

Calisthenics. What happened in the bathroom?

Universal Weight Machine. David was not interested in getting in shape. David was not interested in becoming fit. Is this right or wrong? What did he do?

Free Weights. Did David join a fitness club? Did David become a health club member?

Barbell, Dumbbell. What happened at the New Fitness Club?

Treadmill. David loved the workout and joined the club. David became a member. Is this correct or incorrect?
Stationary Bicycle. My friends and I exercise regularly. Yes or no? How and where do you exercise?

Elliptical Machine. Is exercise and fitness popular in your community, town, city, country?

Yoga. Has heath and fitness become a “pop culture”?

Jacuzzi. What could or should people do?

Sauna. What might happen in the future?

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