Work Day at Mcdonald’s



waffle uniform french toast
beans surf (2) fry/fried/fried
relax train (2) takes a shower
wait lock (2) mushroom
bring turn on workplace
visit deliver freeze/frozen/frozen
bun put on patty/patties
offer steak sausage
team prepare work hard
arrive shift (2) slow down
ride get up leave/left/left
ride subway pancake




Getting Ready

It’s four-thirty (4:30 am) in the morning. Barbara slowly gets up from her bed.

She goes into the kitchen, cooks and eats breakfast: today it’s fried eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms and tomato (other times it may be pancakes, waffles or french toast).

Then she takes a shower and puts on her company uniform.

At five o’clock, (5:00 am) Barbara leaves home. She walks to a subway station and gets on the number 7 train. It takes her to her workplace: a McDonald’s restaurant.


At Work

Barbara unlocks the front door and turns on the lights. It’s five-fifteen.

Other McDonald’s workers come in and they prepare the restaurant to serve breakfast.

The McDonald’s restaurant opens for business at 6:00 am. Customers come in. At this time, they are workers ordering and eating breakfast.

Food Preparation

As a kitchen cook, Barbara and her coworkers prepare breakfast: Egg McMuffins, pancakes, Egg & Cheese McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin.

At 10:30 am, McDonald’s stops serving breakfast, and begins offering hamburgers, salads and fries.

Barbara has a small lunch at 11:00.

By about 11:30, the restaurant starts getting busy. Barbara and her team have to work very fast and hard. But it slows down by about one-thirty.





Finishing Work

At 1:45 pm Sam arrives. He starts working the afternoon shift, while Barbara finishes work and leaves.

Sam and the evening crew will stay until he closes the restaurant at 11:00 p.m.

Back Home

When she gets home, Barbara sits on the sofa, turns on the TV . . . and relaxes.

Later she might go for a walk in the park with her dog, Rover, or ride her bicycle. Sometimes she visits her friends.

In the evening, Barbara cooks and eats dinner. Then she reads a book, watches TV or surfs the internet.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, she goes to a community college where she has computer courses.

At about 9:30 pm, she goes to bed.

*     *     *     *     *     *



4:30 am. Barbara wakes up late in the morning. True or false?

5:00 am. For breakfast, she often has . . . . . or . . . . .

6:25 am. Does she walk to work? How does she get to work?

7:15 am. Can customers order and eat breakfast at McDonald’s at five fifteen in the morning? What happens between 5:15 and 6:00?

10:11 am. Barbara takes orders from customers at the front counter, serves them and operates the cash register. Yes or no?

12 Noon. What do the customers buy? Do they order and eat the same things throughout the day?

3:08 pm (15:08). Barbara works from 5:15 in the morning to 11:00 at night. Is this correct or incorrect?

5:01 pm (17:01). Is Sam a customer? Who is Sam? Is Sam Barbara’s boyfriend?

5:23 pm (17:23). What does Barbara do when she gets home?.
6:17 pm (18:17). Are there McDonald’s restaurants in your city? How many McDonald’s restaurants are there?

7:03 pm (19:03).
Is McDonald’s popular? Does everyone love McDonald’s, or is it very controversial?

8:17 pm (20:17). My friend or acquaintance works at McDonald’s. Yes or no? Who works at McDonald’s?

9:42 pm (21:42). Would you or your friends like to work at McDonald’s? Why or why not? Would you like to work in a restaurant or own a restaurant?

10:29 pm (22:29). What do people think of working at McDonald’s?

12 Midnight. What might happen in the future?
Now talk about what you normally do every day.

A. What do you usually have for breakfast? I usually have . . . . . for breakfast.

B. How do you or your parents get to work? I go to work by . . . . .; I . . . . to work.

C. What hours do you work? What time do you start and finish work? I start work at . . . . and finish at . . . .

D. What do you or your parents do at work? At work, I . . . . .

E. Do you take (coffee) breaks from your work or study? Where do you have breaks? What time do employees have breaks?

F. Where do you have lunch? What do you eat for lunch? I have lunch at . . . . . . . ; I have . . . . for lunch.

G. What do you do after work?

Day 1 a
1. 2.

Day 1 c Day 1 d

3. 4.

Day 1 e Day 1 f

5. 6.

7. 8.

Day 1 i Day 1 j
9. 10.

Day 1 k Day 1 l
11. 12.

Day 1 m


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