wishes 2

Wishes, two


Form of wish:

(+): Subject + wish + (that) past simple.

● I wish that school (work) days were shorter and summers and weekends were longer.
● My classmate wishes that she/he were rich.
● Carl’s great-grandfather wished that there was world peace.



Community, Society

13. What kind of society do you wish you lived in?

14. What sort of neighbourhood or community would you like to have?

15. Do you wish people were nicer, friendlier, more polite?

16. What sort of behaviour do you wish people had? How do you wish people behaved?

17. My neighbour wishes people were more truthful, honest and open; and not lying, treacherous, deceitful, corrupt. Yes or no?

18. Do you prefer a radical, liberal, moderate, conservative, or ultraconservative society?

19. What sort of religious environment do you wish you lived in: atheistic, secular, post-religious, religious, pious, devout, faithful, deeply religious, puritanical?

Time Period

20. Do you wish you could live in the future? Do you wish you could live in the past? Why or why not?

21. What time period do you wish you live in?

22. Do you wish things stayed the same, change gradually, change rapidly, or go back to an older time?


23. What form of government do you wish your city, state or province, country had?

24. Would you like more government help or less government interference in people’s lives?

25. Do you prefer big government or small government?

26. What sort of economy, economic situation or system do you wish we had?

27. Would you like a more socialist or free market system?

28. Do you wish for widespread corruption, some corruption, or corruption-free government?


29. What kind of career, life and lifestyle do you wish for your children or grandchildren?

30. Do you wish you or science could prevent or cure all illnesses, diseases, ailments? If yes, give direct examples.

31. My friend wishes that he/she knew the secrets of love, success, prosperity, health, happiness, fulfilment.

32. Who do you wish you were married to? Or describe your perfect wife or husband.

33. What sort of family or family life do you wish you had?

34. Do you wish you had lots of good friends, some friends, or just a few close friends?



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