Wishes, one



Form of wish:

(+): Subject + wish + (that) past simple.

● I wish that school (work) days were shorter and summers and weekends were longer.
● My classmate wishes that she/he were rich.
● Carl’s great-grandfather wished that there was world peace.



Answer or respond to the following. Say why and give examples.


1. I wish I could have three wishes. Yes or no? Do you wish you could be, have or do anything?

2. I wish I lived in Denmark. True or false?

3. What kind of house do you wish you lived in?

4. Do you wish you could live to 120? Do you wish you could stay at one age, biologically, for the rest of your life?

5. I wish I could completely, totally control my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, behaviours, attitudes, habits (e.g. be happy all the time)?

6. What do you wish you looked like? What do you wish your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend looked like?

7. I wish I owned . . . .


Job, Career, Profession

8. What kind of job, profession, or career do you wish you had?

9. Where would you like to work? Would you like to work in a small company, medium-sized or large corporation or be self-employed?

10. Do you wish you were smarter, or had more talent, ability?

11. Do you wish you had more energy, drive, ambition, enthusiasm, motivation, power, force?

12. How much money do you wish you were earning?




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