wind sun

The Wind and the Sun



land far far away
place high blow away
friend sun wind
north south east
west fine strong/stronger/strongest 
great continue one another
argue another with one another
idea look everywhere
wear coat take off (2)
prove watch (2) blow/blew/blown
dust button up fly/flew/flown
sky traveler wind/windy
howl might (2) all his might
storm button leaf/leaves
weather pull hard/harder/hardest
tight strange hurricane
fail win/won shine/shone
start better had better
need unbutton cool down
bet rest look down





Once upon a time, in a land far away, in a place high, high up in the sky, lived two old friends.

“Hello, Ms. Sun, how are you?”
“Hello, Mr. North Wind, I’m fine, and you?”
“It is a great day today.”
“Yes it is.”

One day, the North Wind said to the Sun, “Look! I’m strong, ha,ha!”
“I am strong, too,” said the Sun.
“No, you are not,” said the North Wind.
“Yes, I am. I am stronger than you!”

The North Wind and the Sun continued to argue with one another.

Then the North Wind had an idea.

“Look! There is a traveler.”
“Yes, he is walking on the road.”
“Look. He is wearing a big coat.”
“Yes, it is a big coat.”
“I can prove I am stronger than you.”
“I can make him take his coat off.”
“No, you can’t…But I can.”
“Let’s bet. I will go first. Watch me!”

The North Wind blew and blew. Dust and leaves flew everywhere.

“Watch me! I will blow his coat away.”
“Oh no! It’s windy.”

The traveler did not take off his coat.

The North Wind blew and howled with all his might.

“I will blow and blow.”

“Oh my! It’s a storm! I am very cold. I need to button up my coat!”

The traveler did not take off his coat.

Then the North Wind blew his hardest.

“Watch this! My wind is now a hurricane!”

The traveler pulled his coat more tightly.

“What a terrible day!”

The traveler did not take off his coat.

“Hahaha! You have failed. It’s my turn. Watch me!”

The Sun looked down and shined on the traveler.

“This is strange. It’s getting warmer now!” said the traveler.
“I will make him hot,” said the Sun.
“What strange weather! Now I am very hot!”

The traveler started to unbutton his coat.

The Sun shined down strongly.

“It is so hot. I’d better take off my coat,” said the traveler.

“Look! He’s taking off his coat!” said the Sun.
“Yes he needs to cool down,” said the North Wind.
“I won the bet!”

Now, the traveler stopped to rest under a tree and even took off his shoes.

“Well Sun, you are stronger than I!”
“Yes, I am the strongest.”



*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. The main characters of this story are…..

2. What did the North Wind say one day? One day the North Wind said….

3. What did the North Wind and the Sun see?

4. The Sun and North Wind decided to have a contest. True or false? If yes, what was the contest?

5. Who went first? What did it do? What happened?

6. Who went next? What did it do? What happened?
A. Are there any morals or lessons of the story?

B. Can you think of any examples of this in real life?

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