Will: Future Predictions, 1



When making predictions based on personal opinion, we generally use the modal auxiliary verb will.

(+): Subject + will (won’t) + verb-1 (base form).
(+): Subject + will (won’t) + be + ing-form.
Y-N Q: Will + subject + verb-1?
Y-N Q: Will + subject + be + ing-form?WH-Q: WH-Q word + will + subject + verb-1/be?
WH-Q: Who/What + will + verb-1/be?

• We will win the championship!
Will the economy improve this year? —> Definitely, according to the experts, by 8% or 9%.
Will the fish be biting today? —> Oh yeah!…otherwise it’ll be fried chicken again.
• When will the government adopt the phonetic alphabet? —> Probably never.
• Who will notice the ad? —> Big spenders—hopefully.
Other Modals, Adverbs, and Expressions

We can use other modals and words to indicate degrees of future probability.

(+/-): Subject + modal (not) + verb-1.
(+): Subject + will + adverb + (verb-1).
(+/-): Subject + adverb + will (won’t) + (verb-1).
(+/-): Subject + (do not) + know, believe, think, doubt +
(+/-): Subject + be + sure, positive, certain, definite +




Answer the following questions regarding the future. Say why and give examples.

1. Who was Nostradamus? What is his claim to fame? (Why is he famous?)

2. My city will be bigger; more people will be living here. What do you think? Describe what your city or town, and country will be like in 35 years.

Daily Life

3. What do you think will happen to transportation? How will people travel in the future?

4. How might people do their shopping by mid-century?

5. What do you think people will be eating? Why?

6. In the future, people will be wearing Space Age fashions; they will wear space outfits. Do you agree? What kind of clothes will people be wearing? What will fashions be like?

7. What will people be doing for fun and recreation? Describe people’s recreational activities.


Politics, Geopolitics

8. Will there still be wars and other armed conflicts, or will all wars end and there will be peace?

9. The whole world (except for Switzerland) will unite under a One World government. Do you think so?

10. Describe the status and situation of Europe (the European Union), the United States, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world by 2050.

11. Will governments and government activities become bigger, smaller or remain the same size? What about taxes? Will they increase, decrease or remain the same?

12. In the future — thanks to social media and the internet — freedom, liberty and democracy will prevail throughout the world.