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Will: Future Predictions, 2



When making predictions based on personal opinion, we generally use the modal auxiliary verb will.

(+): Subject + will (won’t) + verb-1 (base form).
(+): Subject + will (won’t) + be + ing-form.
Y-N Q: Will + subject + verb-1?
Y-N Q: Will + subject + be + ing-form?WH-Q: WH-Q word + will + subject + verb-1/be?
WH-Q: Who/What + will + verb-1/be?

• We will win the championship!
Will the economy improve this year? —> Definitely, according to the experts, by 8% or 9%.
Will the fish be biting today? —> Oh yeah!…otherwise it’ll be fried chicken again.
• When will the government adopt the phonetic alphabet? —> Probably never.
• Who will notice the ad? —> Big spenders—hopefully.
Other Modals, Adverbs, and Expressions

We can use other modals and words to indicate degrees of future probability.

(+/-): Subject + modal (not) + verb-1.
(+): Subject + will + adverb + (verb-1).
(+/-): Subject + adverb + will (won’t) + (verb-1).
(+/-): Subject + (do not) + know, believe, think, doubt +
(+/-): Subject + be + sure, positive, certain, definite +





Answer the following questions regarding the future. Say why and give examples.

Science and Technology

13. What might computers be able to do in 35 years? What will be the role of computers in society? Will there still be computers?

14. What will happen in genetic engineering?

15. How will people communicate with each other over long (and short) distances?

16. What do you think will happen in outer space?


17. What will probably be the status of women in society by 2044? What will women be doing by 2044?

18. Describe the family structure. Will marriages and family structures still be the same?

19. What will people look like in 46 years?

20. What will the language situation be like? What will people be speaking in the future?

Work, School, Business, Economy

21. Describe the kind of work your grandchildren may be doing.

22. What will your company or business probably be like in 39 years?

23. What sort of economy will we have in the future?

24. Describe the schools and classrooms of 2037.

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