What’s your name? part 1




city blond girlfriend
farm crowded spring (2)
glass summer autumn/fall
hat young middle-aged
old beard senior citizen
coat jacket husband
hot warm city square
cold winter boutique
scarf street alleyway
alley weather umbrella
rain beard traffic lights
sun sunny boyfriend
rainy window mustache
hair red hair short hair
town foot-feet long hair
walk friend black hair
tree forest shopping
plaza cool (3) city center
day T-shirt brunette
sister knight traffic signs
alone traffic automobile
car parents intersection
night park (2) pedestrian
shop sign (3) bicycle-bike
wife answer sidewalk
store village grandfather
shirt stroller grandmother
brick wooden hairstyle
pants brother child-children
talk question couple (2)
ask building boulevard



Video (0:00 to 0:35)




Interviewer: “What’s your name?”
Dale: “My name is Dale.”

Presenter: “What’s your name?”
Joanna Foote:”My name is Joanna Foote.”

Host: “What’s your name?”
Romero Mia: “My name is Romero Mia.”

Blogger: “What’s your name?”
Jennifer: “My name is Jennifer and this is Susan.”

Content Creator: “What’s your name?”
Dan: “My name is Danchen; you can just call me Dan.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


House, Home. The video took place in a) the country b) a village c) a town d) a small city e) a city f) a big city.

Apartment, Flat. What was the weather like? The weather was a) hot b) warm c) cool d) cold e) sunny f) cloudy g) rainy h) snowy i) windy. What were the people wearing?

Apartment building. Three people spoke in video. In the video, three people spoke. True or false? Did they talk about their favorite food, song, and movie?

City Hall, Municipal Building. Dale is a young man. Is this right or wrong? Was he wearing a baseball cap?

Shops, Stores, Boutiques. What color is Joanna Foote’s hair? She has a) black b) blond c) brown d) red hair?

Cafe, Bar, Pub. Were the people behind Romeo Mia carrying backpacks?

Restaurant. Did both Jennifer and Susan speak?

Food stall. Denchen said, “You can call me Elizabeth?” Is this correct or incorrect?
Concert Hall, Theater. What’s your name?

Cinema, Movie theater. Where do you live? I live in a a) farm b) village c) town d) small city e) city f) big city.

Museum, Art Gallery. How’s the weather in your town or city? It’s a) very hot b) hot c) warm d) cool e) cold f) freezing cold g) sunny h) cloudy I) rainy j) snowy k) windy.

School, University. There are many shops, cafes, restaurants in my city. Yes or no?

Stadium, Arena. During the day, are there many people in the city center?

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