WH questions words

(WH)-Question Words, 2


(WH) Question Words:   
What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How,
What time, How many, How much, How often, How old

Examples of WH-Question Words

1. What are those animals?
Those are dinosaurs.
2. What does your uncle do?
He sells fruits and vegetables.
3. When is her cousin’s birthday?
On 17 October.
4. When did astronauts first land on the moon?
In 1969.
5. Where did I put my wallet?
They’re on the dresser.
6. Where have you been?
I was in the forest with my dog.
7. Which road goes to the village?
The one on the right.
8. Which is better?
The cheaper model.
9. Who won the match?
The visiting team.
10. Who is it? Who’s there?
It’s the tax collector.
11. Why are they studying Russian?
They want to travel in Central Asia.
12. Why didn’t you do your homework?
I did, but my dog ate it.
13. How is your sister-in-law?
Great. She switched careers.
14. How do you use this program?
Watch Youtube. There’s a good demo.

What are the Questions to these Answers?

1. I’m from Vladivostok.
2. Because their team won the gold medal.
3. They prefer the grey pair.
4. The bazaar takes place every Monday morning.
5. The guests ate all the fish and shrimp.
6. You need to catch subway number 84.
7. We visited a museum and had dinner at a Greek restaurant.





Answer the Following Questions

1. What is your favorite website? —> My favorite website is . . . . .

2. What do very beautiful and handsome people do? What jobs do beautiful and handsome people have?

3. When do people feel excited and thrilled? When do people feel bored? Where do people relax?

4. When is the best time for you to learn, study and do homework?

5. Where are some dull, boring places?

6. Where do people go on weekends? What do they do?

7. Which town or city are very interesting, beautiful or exotic?




8. Which story is your favorite?

9. Who is a great or famous person from history?

10. Who is the most beautiful woman? Who is the most handsomest man?

11. Why is the neighbor playing the piano?

12. Why is Tom rich? Why is Bob poor?

13. How is your city center? What is your city center like?

14. How can people learn Spanish (or French or Portuguese)?

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