Weekends, one




cheesy surf (2) do/did/done
visit seaside surf the internet
place last (2) go/went/gone
part by myself meet/met/met
meal curry (2) good/better/best
garlic stay (2) buy/bought/bought
go out play (2) big/bigger/biggest
rice stay out eat/ate/eaten
chip (2) art gallery go shopping


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What do you usually do at the weekend?

Do you go to the cinema with friends, watch TV with your family, or surf the Internet?

Do you go shopping? Do you stay at home at the weekend?

Woman at Home: “Hi. What time shall we meet?”

Or do you visit new places?

How about last weekend? Did you have a good weekend?

What did you do last weekend? Part 1

Rebekah: “Last weekend I went to the movies.”
Presenter: “Who did you go with?”
Rebekah: “I went with my boyfriend.”
Presenter: “When did you go?”
Rebekah: “I went on Saturday morning.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Presenter: “What did you do last weekend?”
Loretta: “I went shopping.”
Presenter: “What did you buy?”
Loretta: “I bought foods?”
Presenter: “Who did you go with?”
Loretta: “I went by myself?”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Presenter: “What did you do last weekend?”
Brid: “I traveled.”
Presenter: “Where did you go?”
Brid: “I went to Galloway.”
Presenter: “Where’s Galloway?”
Brid: “It is in the west of Ireland.”
Presenter: “How did you travel?”
Brid: “I traveled by car?”
Presenter: Who did you go with?”
Brid: “I went with my family?”
Presenter: How long did you stay?”
Brid: “For the weekend?”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Movie Theater, Cinema, Movies. In Britain most people usually climb mountains, go scuba diving and make sculptures during the weekend. True or false?

Television, Radio, Stereo. Did Rebekah watch a movie on Netflix on Sunday evening?

Internet, Surf the Internet. She went with her classmates. Is this right or wrong?

Video Games, Social Media. Did Lorretta go shopping for clothes with her husband? Did she buy a shirt, pants and jacket?

Stay at Home, Go Out. Brid stayed home and chatted with her friends on Instagram and WhatsApp. Is this correct or incorrect?

Go Shopping. Did Grid go to Galloway by train? Did she travel alone?

Travel, Tourism. One man talked about his weekend. One person descried his weekend. Yes or no?
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I always go to the movie theater with my friends on Saturday and Sunday. I always watch a movie at the cinema on weekends. True or false?

Cafe, Bar, Restaurant. Do you watch TV, watch videos on YouTube, or both?

Bake, Cook. I like to go shopping. Is this right or wrong? If yes, where do you go shopping? What do you often buy?

Sports. Do you like to travel to new places? What are your favorite places? How do you travel? How do you go to different places?

Swim, Cycle, Walk. Do you like weekends? Do you enjoy your weekends? Are weekends too short, too long or just right in length? Do you wish weekends were longer, shorter or the same length?

Hotel, Hostel, Guesthouse. What did you do last weekend?

Park, Museum, Art Gallery.
Did you have a good weekend? Did you enjoy your weekend?

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