The Wedding



must have to decision
about respect know/knew/known
stand survive think/thought/thought
risk face (2) go get up
alive enough doorway
half should it’s about time
save (2) say/said/said






J. Jonah Jameson, Editor: “Call Deborah.”
Mrs. Jameson: “The caterer?”
J. Jonah Jameson, Editor: “Tell her not to open the caviar.”


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Mary Jane: “I had to do what I had to do.”
Peter Parker: “Mary Jane.”
Mary Jane: “Peter, I can’t survive without you.”
Peter Parker: “You shouldn’t be here.”
Mary Jane: “I know you think we can’t be together. But can’t you respect me enough to make my own decision? I know there will be risks — but I want to face them with you. It’s wrong that we should be half-alive; half of ourselves.

I love you!

So here I am standing in your doorway . . . I’ve always been standing in your doorway.

Isn’t it about time somebody saved your life?

Well, say something!”

Peter Parker: “Thank you Mary Jane Watson.”

Mary Jane: “Go get um, Tiger!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. In the beginning, people were going to a football stadium to watch a football match. True or false?

2. Was Mary Jane wearing jeans, T-shirt and sneakers, and getting ready to go to school?

3. Did Mary Jane feel very, very, very happy?

4. Mary Jane and John Jameson got married in the Cathedral. Is this right or wrong?

5. Was Peter Parker at the wedding? Did he attend the wedding?

6. Mary Jane and Peter Parker love each other. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Did they go out and have dinner at a restaurant? What happened in the end?


A. I am married. Yes or no? Did you have a wedding ceremony?

B. Have you attended wedding ceremonies? Who got married?

C. I have been to many wedding parties.

D. Everyone gets married and has a wedding ceremony and wedding party. True or false?

E. What will happen in the future?

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