wear out zero in

Wear out, Work out

Write down, Zero in



Wear out Work out Wrap up
Write down Zero in Come up with
Cut off Fall apart Fall back upon
Fall behind Fall flat Fall for
Fall out with Fall short of Fall through
Fall under


Wear out (2) Work out (2) Wrap up (2)

1. Wear out (1): use something until its no longer fit for use.
How long does a pair of shoes last? I worn my shoes down after…….

2. Wear out (2):
to cause to become exhausted, very tired.
My colleagues feel worn out by Friday afternoon. Yes or no?

3. Work out (1): to exercise (in a gym).
Are fitness clubs good business? Why are they good business?

4. Work out (2): to solve a problem; plan.
Does the management of your company work out how to increase business?
Is it an open forum or behind closed doors?

5. Wrap up (1): to make a gift or present ; to put on warm clothing.
People always wrap up before they go outside. True or false?

Do you wrap up lots of presents for birthdays and Christmas?

6. Wrap up (2): to finish or conclude a project.
What happens at the end of summer?

Write down, Zero in, Come up with, Cut off (2)

7. Write down: to record in writing.
Write down my email address and smart phone number. How often do you write down new email addresses and cell phone numbers?

8. Zero in: to aim or concentrate on a target, goal, objective,
What market segment should your company zero in on?

9. Come up with: to think of a new idea, innovation, solution.
Scientists should come up with a new…..

10. Cut off (1): to remove by cutting.
Should the government cut off funds for certain programs, bureaus or programs?
Taxpayers should cut off money to the government. Do you agree?

11. Cut off (2): to stop suddenly; interrupt.
Is it polite to cut someone off while they are talking?

Fall apart, Fall back upon, Fall behind, Fall flat, Fall for

12. Fall apart: to crumble; break down; disintegrate.
There are many old farms and factories that are falling apart. True or false?

13. Fall back upon: to turn to (something or someone) when you lose your job, money.
If you lose your job, who or what will you fall back upon? If I lose my job,

14. Fall behind: to fail to keep up; lose ground.
What happens to students who fall behind in their classes? Students who fall behind in school….

15. Fall flat (on his face): to completely fail.
Martin fall flat on face when he tried to go out with Linda. Why did he fall flat?

16. Fall for: to be duped, deceived.
Many people fell for the slick advertising. Can you give examples? Have your friends fallen for false advertising?

Fall out with, Fall short of, Fall through, Fall under

17. Fall out with: to quarrel and stop being friends.
I have fallen out with some people. Is this correct or wrong? Why did you fall out with them?

18. Fall short of: to almost succeed in something, but not quite.
Have you or your friend fallen short of certain goals? For example an exam, promotion, grade, income?

19. Fall through: to fail to achieve a target or goal?
The sale fell through. Why did the sale fall through?

20. Fall under (1): to come under the influence or control of something.
Young people often fall under the influence of……

21. Fall under (2): to be classified or categorized as.
What kingdom do whales, whale sharks, dolphins, seals, and penguins fall under?

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