waste unique special doubt

Waste, Unique, Special

Doubt, Fancy, Ordinary



certain uncertain unsure
doubt nasty fancy
free waste unique
special particular pleasant
unpleasant internal external
inner outer deep
shallow complete ordinary


Certain, unsure, uncertain, doubt, nasty, fancy

1. I am certain that the world is round. I am certain that there is an afterlife. Yes or no?

2. My friends are unsure that globalization is a good thing. True or false?

3. Are your colleagues certain or uncertain about future technological developments and change?

4. I doubt that books, newspapers, televisions, libraries, radios will survive. Is correct or wrong?

5. What do you consider to be nasty weather? Describe nasty individuals

6. In which time period and place did people wear fancy clothes and had fancy decoration? People wore fancy clothes in……..

Free, waste, unique, special, particular

7. People today are free. People are freer today than in my grandparents’ generation. What do you think?

8. Many people waste time and money. Is this correct or incorrect? How do people waste time?

9. Do you prefer a conformist society or a society where everyone is unique?

10. There should be more special education and programs for gifted children. Do you agree? Who were some gifted children in your school? All young males fantasize about being in the Special Forces.

11. Is there a particular time of day that you work, study, or concentrate the best and the least?

Pleasant, unpleasant, internal, external, inner

12. Which music sounds pleasant to you? What are some pleasant neighborhoods in your city?

13. Do some people wear unpleasant colognes or deodorants unpleasant? What are some unpleasant sounds in your city?

14. A person’s success in life has more to do with internal qualities rather than external circumstances. What do you think?

15. Does your country have more internal or external problems or difficulties?

16. It’s possible to have inner peace and calm in a chaotic world. Do you agree?

Outer, deep, shallow, complete, ordinary

17. Would you like to travel into outer space, like in Star Trek? Do children want to travel to outer space?

18. I’m afraid of deep ocean water with whales and sharks. True or false?

19. Give examples of shallow thinking.

20. What is the biggest project you have completed in school or work?

21. Do you prefer an ordinary life, or a life of adventure and excitement?

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