Washington monument

The Washington Monument



reach hesitate What’s wrong?
high turn (2) install (2)
lethal create (2) fall/fell/fallen
metro ballistic break/broke/broken
DC identify momentum
worry ground immediately
height open fire stand down
die chance parachute
kiss move it move around






Artificial Intelligence: “What’s wrong? You’ve reached the southwest window. Why are you hesitating?”
Spiderman: “It’s heights. I’ve never been this high before.”
Artificial Intelligence: “You have also not reinstalled your parachute; so a fall from this height would most likely be lethal.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Spiderman: “Why is it not breaking?”
Artificial Intelligence: “It’s orange-ballistic glass. You’ll have to create more momentum.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Police in Helicopter: “This is DC Metro Police. Identify yourself. Return to the ground immediately!”

Teacher: “Okay, who’s next?”
Student One: “Me it’s my turn!”

Police in Helicopter: “Stand down! Return to ground, immediately!

Return to the ground, or we will open fire! Go up, go up!

This is your last chance.”

Spiderman: “Huh . . . I’m gonna die.”

Spiderman: “Hey, how are you doing? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”
Student Two: “Yes, yes, yes!”
Teacher: “Hey, hey, quit moving around!”
Student Two: “Sorry, sir. So sorry.”

Spiderman: “Alright. This is your stop. Go, go, go! Everybody out! Move it people, move it! Move it!”

Spiderman: “You’re okay. You’re okay. OK.

So, is everyone okay?”

Artificial Intelligence: “This is your chance, Peter: kiss her.”

Teacher: “Thank you.”

Student One: “Are you really friends with Peter Parker?”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Spiderman is afraid of heights (in the beginning). True or false?

2. Could he enter the monument? Did he have problems entering the monument?

3. Were the police assisting (helping) Spiderman?

4. What happened to the elevator with the students inside?

5. Spiderman did nothing. Is this right or wrong?

6. Did the elevator fall to the ground?

7. In the end, the girl was grateful to Spiderman. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. There are tall buildings, towers and monuments in my city. Yes or no?

B. Can people go to the top with an elevator or stairs?

C. Are hang gliding, paragliding and skydiving popular sports?

D. Do the police help or hassle ordinary citizens?

E. What will happen in the future?

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