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Was in Questions


Was in Yes-No Questions

Was + I/she/he/it
Robin Hood/the shepherd+ noun/adjective.
her laptop/my tree house

Was your cousin at the concert? —>
No, he wasn’t. He was at the seaside.
Was I nervous? —> Yes, you were—your voice was
trembling and your hands were shaking.
Was Joonsuh the owner of the company? —> No he wasn’t. He was the CEO; Seoyeon was the owner.

Open-Ended (WH) Questions

(WH) Question Words:
What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How
  What time, How many, How much, How often, How old
Q-Word + was + I/she/he/it?
Midas/their umbrella
our cottage/the winner

What was + singular noun + like? = Describe someone, someplace or something from the past.
What was it like in + a place or time?

What was your email address? I forgot it. —>
Let me text it to you.
Why was the door unlocked? —>
The last person out forgot to lock it.
How was I? –> To be honest…
you need a lot more practice.
What was the previous boss like? —> He was a jerk!…Well actually maybe 15% of the time; 85% he was okay.

What would you ask?

1. Lyudmila didn’t come to the trade fair because she was very busy. What does she ask you the next day at the office?
2. Olivia is curious about the past. What does she ask her great-grandfather?
3. Your friend has just returned from a trip to Bali and Phuket. What do you ask her/him?
4. Everyone has finished eating dinner. What do Mr. and Mrs. Artem ask their guests?

Answer the Following Questions. Say Why and Give Examples

1. What was John Wayne’s real name? What Judy Garland’s real name? Mark Twain? Charles Bronson? Marilyn Monroe? Gary Kasparov? Muhammad Ali (the former boxing champ)? Arnold Schwarzenegger?

2. Where was the Garden of Eden? Where was Atlantis? Where was Avalon? Where was Constantinople? Mesopotamia?
3. Why was the high crime rate very high in the United States from the 1960s to the 1990s?

4. How was your best friend’s birthday party? How was your wedding celebration? What was the statesman’s/woman’s funeral like?
5. Who was Herostratus? Who was Ned Ludd? Who was Oleg Penkovsky? Who was Nostradamus?
6. Was your nation an empire, part of an empire, both or neither?

7. What was life like during the Great Depression? What was life like in the 1960s? The 80s? The 2000’s
8. How old was Isaac Newton when he made his great scientific discoveries? How old was Grandma Moses when she took up painting and became famous? What about Mozart?
9. Was your country at war, within living memory?

10. How much was a bottle of Coke when your grandparents were young? How much was a good meal at a restaurant? How much was a car?
11. When was your country’s “Golden Age”?
12. Who was Leonardo da Vinci? Who was Harry Houdini? Who was Edward Leedskalnin? Who was Steve Jobs? What were their secrets?


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