volcano eruption Iceland 2

A Volcanic Eruption

in Iceland, 2




hike giant (2) sightseeing
lava volcanic spectacular
flow spit (2) eruption
pour magma bubble (2)
spew surprise peninsula
rare beneath witness (2)
dare insane earthquakes
grill warning flock (2)
bacon molten stay away
glow surface eat/ate/eaten
warn gas (2) try/tried
push unclear pollution
pull display hypnotic






Sightseers have been flocking to a spectacular volcanic eruption in Iceland. Lava has been flowing since the mountain first started spewing fire a week ago. But hikers trying for the perfect selfie are being warned not to get too close.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Lava bubbles, spits and pours out of the crater of this volcano. It began erupting here on Iceland’s Raikkonens Peninsula last Friday — the first time in around nine-hundred years.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that thousands of people have been flocking here to witness this rare event, trying to get as close as they dare for that perfect picture.

Visitor: “I mean, this is lava is glowing, just so close to us; it’s insane. I haven’t seen anything like that before.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


With hikers getting hungry, some have used the lava as a giant grill. But this does come with a warning.

Park Ranger: “Two days ago, there was a guy that tried to cook eggs and bacon on the lava; and it ate the pan. So stay away from it!”

There have also been warnings of volcanic gas pollution.

Before the eruption, there were more than fifty-thousand earthquakes here, in just three weeks. They were caused by a large body of molten rock known as magma, which has pushed its way to the surface.

It’s unclear for how much longer this volcano will continue to erupt. For now though, Icelanders are enjoying its hypnotic displays.

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5:00 am (Five o’clock am, five am). There have been thunder and lightening storms in Iceland. True or false?

6:30 am (Six-thirty am). Are people running away in panic from the erupting volcano, screaming and yelling?

8:15 am (Eight-fifteen am). Do volcanic eruptions occur annually (every year) in Iceland?

10:45 am (Ten-forty-five). How do tourists feel about the volcanic eruption? Do they think it’s boring?

12:00 (Twelve noon). What did some visitors try to do? Did they succeed?

13:34, 1:34 pm (Thirteen-thirty-four, One-thirty-four pm). The air is pure, fresh and clean. Is this right or wrong?

15:07, 3:07 pm (Fifteen-o-seven, Three-o-seven pm). Has there only been a volcanic eruption in Iceland recently?

16:28, 4:28 pm (Sixteen-hundred twenty-eight, Four-twenty-eight pm). Describe the volcanic eruption.
17:01, 5:01 pm Seventeen-o-one, Five-o-one pm). Have you or your friends visited a volcano or seen a volcanic eruption?

18:43, 6:43 pm (Eighteen-forty-three, Six-forty-three pm). Are there myths and legends surrounding volcanoes?

19:16, 7:16 pm (Nineteen-sixteen, Seven-sixteen pm). Have you seen movies or TV shows featuring volcanoes?

20:05, 8:05 pm (Twenty-o-five, Eight-o-five pm). What might happen in the future?

21:59, 9:59 pm (Twenty-one-fifty-nine, Nine-fifty-nine, pm).

12:00 (Twelve Midnight). Could volcanoes be harnessed for energy?

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