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fury rumble display (2)
dazzle volcano Mother Nature
crater concern shoot/shot/shot (3)
gotta stop by check it out
gush geyser foot/feet
lava high (2) boil over (2)
boil floor (2) cauldron
stew infrared capture (2)
fill contain eruption
threat race (3) right now
active expect pressure (2)
peek scientist observatory
rim passive destructive
island distance cubic meter
smog destroy authority
spew safe (2) cautious
cube excited story (2)
hope summit authorities






In a dazzling display of Mother Nature’s beauty and fury, Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano has suddenly rumbled back to life, shooting fountains of fire five stories high.

Male Visitor: “You gotta stop by, check it out.”

These gushing geysers of lava have not boiled over the 4,000 foot (1,220 meter) summit of Kilauea’s crater.

Female Visitor: “It’s so beautiful.”

As this cauldron of lava stews, infrared images captured it filling the crater floor.

For now, the contained eruption is safe for the public, with thousands expected to race to Kilauea’s rim for a peek inside one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

Ken Horn, Hawaii Volcano Observatory USGS Scientist: “Kind of what we expect right now as the entire volcano re-pressurizes after the 2018 eruption.

That 2018 eruption became one of the most destructive in modern history on Hawaii’s Big Island. Even at a safe distance, for weeks, both day and night, we watched Kilauea spew one billion cubic yards (765 million cubic meters) of lava destroying some 700 homes.

Today the biggest threat is vog or volcanic smog. But that could quickly change.

Jessica Ferracane, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: “We’re excited up here like we always are but we’re also cautious.”

Tonight caution and brewing concern as authorities hope trouble doesn’t boil over.

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Volcano, Lava. The Kilauea volcano is constantly erupting. It always, continuously erupts. True or false?

Hill, Mountain. Are volcanic eruptions similar to water fountains?

Ocean, Sea. Is the eruption of Kilauea extremely dangerous at the moment?

River, Stream. Everyone is fleeing from the volcanic eruption. Everyone is in a state of panic and running away from the eruption. Is this right or wrong? Why do people come to the erupting volcano?

Lake, Pond. Is the Kilauea volcano destructive? Can it be very destructive? Does the volcano destroy things?

Forest, Trees.Is lava flow the only danger from volcanoes?
Bush, Shrub, Scrub. There are volcanoes in my country. Yes or no? Are they active, dormant or extinct? Can they cause damage?

Desert, Arid Region. I have seen a volcanic eruption. I have visited a (dormant) volcano.

Semi-Arid, Steppe, Prairie. Could volcanoes help humanity? Can volcano help people?

Island. What might happen in the future?

Peninsula. What could or should people, governments and businesses do?

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