visiting monastery

Visiting a Monastery




way paved sell/sold/sold
road secret unpaved road
lost fork (2) best-kept secret
spoon way (2) knife/knives
camel dear (2) take/took/taken (2)
reach oh dear should have
quite sign (3) think/thought/thought (2)
look motorcycle know/knew/known
empty cool (2) read/read/read
fill up as well build/built/built
fill sunny century (2)
bit (3) back track dead end (2)
lake track (2) ride/rode/ridden
enjoy monastery bring/brought/brought
nice manage forget/forgot/forgotten
fun let’s go find/found/found


Video (4:00 to 7:20)




Female Motorcyclist: “Hahaha. I think we can take this one. This way, yeah.”

Oh dear. Where are we going? Should have taken the other one.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

So we reached this . . . I think it is a monastery.

I don’t know anything about it. I read something on the sign that it is probably built in the 12th or the 13th century. It’s quite old; so just going to have a little look.

So inside it is actually really nice and cool because today is sunny; it’s quite warm.

Oh you can maybe look outside.

So we just bought some water as well, so I am just going to fill up my camel bag because it is already empty. And then we have to back track a little bit because it is a dead end road here.

And then we are going to continue the ride towards Sevan, Lake Sevan, I already forgot the name.

It is quite touristy, a lot of little shops selling all sorts of things. But really nice ride so far really enjoying it.

That part up to looking for a look out point, but couldn’t really find it.

But it was a really fun road to ride; bit rough but we managed. So I am going to fill up the camel bag and then we go again.

Alright let’s go!

Very busy here!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Church, Cathedral, Temple. The travelers were on a bus tour. True or false?

Monastery. Were they traveling on a paved road, or an unpaved, gravel road? Did they know exactly where they were and where they were going?

Ancient, Medieval. Did they arrive at a big city?

Classical, Baroque, Neo-Classical. The monastery is new; it was constructed in 2003 AD. Is this right or wrong?

Castle, Fortress. Was it dark inside? Were there electric lights or candles? Were the buildings filled with visitors?

Palace, Mansion. Did the monastery consist of one building or a complex of different buildings?

City Center, Plaza, City Square. The buildings were made entirely out of wood. Is this correct or incorrect? Were the stones or bricks red in color? Were the stones plain or did some have motifs?

Fountain, Water Fountain. Was the monastery complex isolated? Were Naroly, the traveler and her companion the only ones there?
Statue, Sculpture. There are many churches, cathedrals, monasteries or temples in my town, city, region and country. Yes or no?

Market, Marketplace, Bazaar, Market Stall, Market Stand.
Have you and your friends visited many churches, cathedrals, monasteries or temples? Do many tourists visit them?

Souvenir Stand, Souvenir Stall. Who built these buildings? When were they constructed?

Hotel, Hostel. What churches, cathedrals, monasteries or temples would you like to visit?

Shop, Store. What might happen in the future?

Municipal Building, Bureau, Department, Town Hall. People, businesses and governments must preserve and restored churches, cathedrals and temples. What do you think?

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