video games

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prize stardom photo shoot
battle ground compete
stage salary champion
chance glorious grow/grew/grown
suffer sell out tournament
group sponsor grand (2)
react strategy real time
States explode not to mention
defeat roll (3) cameras rolling
rally devote match (3)






Meet Polt. Stardom . . . photo-shoots . . . and sponsors. He makes at least six-figures a year doing what many kids dream of.

He’s South Korean, but has a US visa for professional athletes.

His sport: Starcraft Two.

Polt is a professional video game player.

This weekend he’s competing in the Red Bull battle grounds in Washington D.C.

Eight gamers fighting for a top prize of twenty grand.

Polt is a champion in the growing world of e-sports. He practices six to eight hours a day for competitions like this one.

Polt: “It’s really glorious for players to play on the stage because not many players can have that chance.”

As the video game industry explodes, live video game tournaments are selling out in theaters — even stadiums.

The number of live tournaments has increased from 9,000 just three years ago to more than 47,000 this year (2014).

And a small group of Polt followings get paid salaries to practice and compete in tournaments with big prize money.

We’re talking millions.

Starcraft II is a real time strategy game. Players react to rising armies.

None of the superstars in this game are American. But Polt was in the States.

Polt: “I’ve been called ‘Captain America’. Captain America is my favorite hero.”

When played in front of thousands of live fans, not to mention millions watching online, the game’s almost performed as art.

Lights on, cameras rolling, and Polt’s armies suffers a defeat.

But he rallies to win his next match, and comes in third.

He walks away with six grand — into a line of devoted fans, waiting for autographs.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. First Question. Polt is a professional footballer. Is this correct or incorrect? What game do they play?

2. Second Question. Was he competing in Seoul, South Korea? Where was he competing?

3. Third Q. Is the US government sponsoring the tournament?

The gamers are playing only for fun. Is this true or false? Are the gamers poor, working class, middle-class, upper-middle class or rich?

Polt’s nickname is “Batman”. Yes or no? What is Polt’s nickname? Does he have super powers, or does he practice a lot?

Sixth. Has the video game industry increased in size? Has it gotten bigger and more popular?

All fans of video games come to the game arenas. All the fans watch at game theater. Is this right or wrong?

Are most of the players from California?

A. Monday. I play video games. Yes or no? I used to play video games. Yes or no? Do your friends, classmates or acquaintances play video games? What video games do you play? What are your favorite video games.

B. Tuesday. Are video games very popular? What are some popular games?

C. Wednesday. Who plays video games? Describe the “typical” or “average” gamer.

D. Thursday. Parents are very happy when their children spend hours playing video games. What do you think?

E. Friday. I would like to be a professional gamer. True or false? Would your friends like to be professional gamers?

F. Saturday. Would you like to create video games? Would you like to like to be a game developer? Would you like to start a computer games development company?

G. Sunday. What will happen in the future?

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