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Be Used To

Accustomed to


Used to and Be Used to

The phrase used to has two different meanings.

The first acts as a verb. It expresses past habits and actions that we no longer do, as in “My grandmother used to use a typewriter at work.” (The modal would, among other things, describes repeated past actions: “Our son would write a letter to Santa every Christmas.”).

Used to also functions as an adjective, and means to be accustomed to a certain routine, condition, environment, situation or person: “Mrs. Rosado is now used to taking the subway (underground).”

Be Used to (Accustomed to)

 Forms of be: am, is, are, was, were, been, being  

Be used to differs in meaning from used to. Be used to means someone is accustomed to something or a situation.

(+): Subject + be + used to + noun/nominal.
(+): Subject + get used to + noun/nominal.
(-): Subject + be not used to + noun/nominal.
YN-Q: Be + subject + use to + noun/nominal.

• You’re very good! —> I am just used to this graphics program.
• Her cousin is getting use to living in a big city.
• Mrs. Kosareva wasn’t use to the weather in Florida; now she is.
• Is Laura use to working in shifts? —> No, that’s why she’s looking for another job.
• Are people here used to all these changes? —> The young certainly are.
• Who is used to frequent business travel? —> Shannon is.

Answer the following questions or respond to the following statements. Say why and give examples.

Used to (Accustomed to)






1. I am used to speaking English. Yes, no, partially, in the middle?

2. Are you used to living in your neighborhood and city? Is your friend used to living in his or her (new) home and city?

3. My neighbors (or friends) are used to globalization. Is this right or wrong? Or are they used to the old, traditional ways, or in between?

4. Has everyone in your community gotten used to the latest smart phones and apps?

5. Have your (former) classmates gotten used to the “Real World” or the adult life? Are they used to living away from their parents?

School, Work

6. My friend is used to his or her school, university or language center. True or false?

7. Is your colleague used to his or her company and work?

8. Have you gotten used to your teacher or boss?

9. Are people used to changes in the economy and business world?


10. Is your generation used to the latest fashions and changes in clothes?

11. Are you used to new types and styles of music?

12. Foreign people in my city are not used to the weather, food and culture. Is this correct or incorrect?





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