United States Marines



beg the most interaction
mostly main biscuit
field start off first of all
ain’t field op carry/carried
guy crack (2) out of your mind
mind buck (2) Little Red Riding Hood
basket full of hood
huh suck (2) country (2)
smell because feel/felt
help give back poor/poorer/poorest
love heart something
thing fun funny/funnier/funniest
cuss smile nice


Video (until 2:30)





Hey brothers. Hey I got a question for you: what interaction do you get most with the children here?

All they do is beg. I just mostly get questions, like; here’s the four main ones: one dollar, biscuit, pen…and — what’s the other one? How are you?

Let me start off with the first one: one dollar.

First of all, I’m in a field op. What the @#$% am I going to be buying? I ain’t got no money. What the @#$% am I going to carrying a dollar for?

You guys want to know me now? You want five bucks for that? You must be out of your crack-smoking mind.

Biscuit. Do I look like Little Red Riding Hood carrying around a basket full of biscuits? What the @#$% ?

You want a biscuit? I ain’t got a biscuit, man.

Pen? What the @#$% do they want a pen for?

There’s a lot of @#$% kids there huh, cowboy? They all want to be on video like they’re going to see it ever. Like they’re going to ever see themselves on video. They all want to be on it. @#$%-ers.

And what’s the fourth one?
How are you?

How am I? I’m doing bad, that’s how I’m doing. I’m doing bad. I’m in your @#$%-face country.

You know your country stinks like @#$%. What do you think about that? It sucks? Doesn’t it suck? You smell like @#$% too.

How do you feel coming from Miami to Hawaii to here?

You know it’s great because you get to interact with the kids, you get to help them out a lot, and you know, help other people who are poorer than you, and know you feel like you’re giving something back…@#$% that @#$% !

I don’t give a @#$% .

First week, I felt love coming out of my heart helping these kids.

Second week: get the @#$% out of here!

You know what the funniest thing, when I come up to them, and they like smiling and @#$%. They don’t know English, right?

So I start cussing them out and saying all this bull @#$% to them. And they can’t understand me. I say it with a smile…and they think that I’m like being nice to them or something.




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1. The main groups in the video are the US Marines and Afghan insurgents. True or false?

2. What four things do the boys say to the Marines?

3. Why do the children say “dollar, pen and biscuit”?

4. Does the Marines have any money and biscuits?

5. The children want to be on video. Is this correct or wrong?

6. How do the Marines feel about being in Afghanistan? Do they like Afghanistan?

7. Why are the Marines in Afghanistan? What are they supposed to do in Afghanistan?

8. The Marines say nice things to the children. Yes or no?

9. What do they children think? Why do they think that way?
A. This video surprises me. It’s a “culture shock” for me. Yes or no?

B. This video is completely different from “Hollywood Americans”. What do you think?

C. Do some people in your town, city or country speak or behave like those Marines?

D. Most people in my country think like those boys. Do you agree?

E. Would your friends or colleagues like to emigrate to America?

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