unskilled jobs

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Blue Collar Work, 2


Unskilled Work

domestic housekeeper street cleaner
maid custodian garbage collector
janitor harvester waiter/waitress
miner caretaker security guard
porter chambermaid fast-food worker



12. Are housekeepers in your city local or foreign? Where do domestic workers in your city come from?

13. Do bosses or their sons often marry their maids?

14. Janitors, custodians, or cleaning ladies are the friendliest people in my school or company. Do you agree?

15. How much do factory or assembly line workers earn? Do they have a low, medium, or high income?

16. Can waiters and waitresses make a lot of money? Waiters and waitresses are mostly young people. True or false?


17. Garbage men/garbage collectors have very interesting homes. Yes or no?

18. Describe the life of a harvester. Who are they? Where do they come from?

19. How has the work of a miner changed? Are mining towns mostly men, mostly women or both?

20. There are many security guards in my city. True or false?

21. Street cleaners are unsung heroes and heroines. Is this right or wrong?

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