Wesley Williams, Unicyclist, 22

Do not try this at home.

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1. Wesley Williams did a song and dance performance on Britain’s Got Talent. True or false?

2. Did he do his performance using one unicycle? Did his performance involve just one unicycle? How many unicycles did he have?

3. In his first act, did he ride up a smooth incline, or did he hop up-and-down some stairs?

4. What was different in his second act?

5. In the third act, Wesley used an ordinary unicycle. Is this right or wrong?

6. In his final act, he performed acrobatic stunts and moves. Is this correct or incorrect? What happened in his final act?

7. Were the audience and judges bored? Did they feel sleepy? How did they feel?


A. I can ride a unicycle. My friend can ride a unicycle. Yes or no?

B. Have you seen people ride unicycles in your town or city?

C. Do you know anyone who can juggle? Have you seen juggling performances?

D. What might happen in the future?

E. More people should practice juggling and unicycling, instead of only watching TV, listening to loud music, smoking and partying. What do you think?


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