uncount nouns

Uncount Nouns, There Was


Uncount Nouns in the Positive Past Tense

There was refers to someone or something (singular countable nouns and uncountable nouns, UCN) that was present or existed in the past.

With uncountable nouns, the basic sentence structures include

(-)/a little/little
 There was + some/enough + UCN.
 Subject + verb-2 lots of/a lot of
much/too much

Note: little (as opposed to a little) implies scarcity or lack.

● There was some writing on the wall; but it was illegible or nonsensical.
● These beehives had a lot honey last year.
● Our region had very little snow in the winter of 2007.
● Mrs. Nascimento’s speech arouse much enthusiasm among the staff!

Negative Sentence Forms with Uncount Nouns

 There was + not + any/much/enough + UCN. 
 Subject + verb-2 a lot of/that much

● There wasn’t enough work or that much entertainment in my hometown. So most young people moved out.
● The first two shops didn’t carry much French perfume.
● We didn’t have any privacy on board the submarine—except in our bunks.

Yes-No Questions

 Was there (-)/any/enough
 Did + subject + v-1 + much/a lot of + UCN?
lots of/too much

● Was there lots of good music? —> Yeah, the band was great.
● Was there any food left by the time you got there? —> Oh yes, there was plenty!
● Did you bring enough material ? —> No, I had to return to get more.

Respond to the Following Statements

Say it’s true, or it’s false/not true, yes or no, yes and no, I agree, I disagree, maybe, sometimes, it depends, in the middle, mostly, in a way. Make any necessary corrections or changes. Say why and give examples.

1. As a youth, did you have lots of fun at summer camp (the youth center, recreation center)?
2. There wasn’t that much social freedom in the past.
3. In my grandparents’ generation, people didn’t have any free time.

4. Many years ago, there was less social inequality.
5. In the past, there was little political correctness; people spoke and wrote whatever was on their minds.
6. Before there wasn’t that much advertising and marketing; today everyone is trying entice you to buy everything!

7. I can remember the time when there was only snail mail correspondence.
8. Not long ago the treasury had a lot of money; there was a budget surplus.
9. A few decades ago, my city didn’t have any graffiti or problems with vandalism.

10. During the old days, my parents listened to cheesy, dorky music; nowadays it’s really hot and cool.
11. During the 1920’s and early 1930’s there wasn’t any alcohol in shops or restaurants.
12. Before, everyone felt lots of patriotism and pride; there was a lot of patriotism and pride.


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