ukrainian gopak dance

The Ukrainian Gopak Dance








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1. There were many dancers on the stage. True or false? Were they men, women or men and women?

2. In the beginning were the dancing and music slow or fast?

3. Was there a focus in the beginning or first part? Did focus on one or two men, or everyone?

4. What did the men do in the first part?

5. Did the women do any major dancing?

6. Did the music remain slow, or did it become fast?

7. The audience loved their performance. Is this right or wrong


A. I loved the dance performance. Yes or no?

B. Have you seen similar dancing like this? If yes where?

C. Is it easy and natural for the dancers, or did they have to practice . . . and practice . . . and practice very, very hard?

D. My friends and I want to dance in this company. Yes or no?

E. Russians and Ukrainians are the BEST dancers! What do you think?


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