UFOs (Fox News)




UFO dub (2) pyramid (2)
triple pandemic begin/began/begun
navy show (2) get/got/got
shape disappear pyramid (2)
image object (3) fly/flew/flown
report leak (2) investigate
vision airspace night-vision
shape sighting destroyer (2)
USS point (3) reportedly
coast far more extraordinary
hover maneuver unclassified
intend classified official (2)
vehicle craft (2) unidentified
pilot restricted purportedly
double include take/took/taken (2)
blimp metallic bombshell (2)
intent reference Department of Defense
aerial personnel spokesperson
task task force phenomena
peace incident examination
willing identify dive/dove-dived/dived (2)
piece ongoing extraordinary
sphere advanced operate (2)
arsenal sign (3) find/found/found
warn confirm pentagon (2)
expect extraterrestrial






Meantime, UFO sightings in New York have doubled since the pandemic began. And we are getting new videos from the Navy, showing pyramid shaped objects flying in the sky.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

This extraordinary video showing images of unidentified flying objects or UFOs were leaked to investigative reporter Jeremy Corbell and investigative reporter George Gnat.

This night-vision video purportedly shows three pyramid-shaped UFOs flying over the USS Russel over the coast of California in July of 2019.

At one point, these UFOs reportedly hovered over seven-hundred (700) feet (213 meters) of the navy destroyer, making “extraordinary maneuvers”.

Now Corbell says the unclassified video is part of a classified government report intended to educate officials about unidentified crafts flying over restricted airspace.

These cell-phone photos taken by an FA-18 pilot in March of 2019, show three different unidentified aircrafts off the coast of Oceania, including two UFOs dubbed “The Metallic Blimp” and another called “The Sphere”.

A Department of Defense spokesperson said, “I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by navy personnel.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations.”

However, the Pentagon was unwilling to confirm these three photos, which Corbell says came from the USS Omaha showing a UFO diving into the ocean and disappearing.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Jeremy Corbell, Documentary Filmaker: “That is an extraordinary piece of technology. Whoever is operating these technologies are far more advanced than anything we have in the US arsenal.

And that should be a warning sign. We need to find the intent of the operators of these vehicles.”

Extraterrestrial or not, a bombshell UFO report is expected in June from the US government.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Dot, Point, Spot. Have more, less or the same number of people seen UFOs during the coronavirus outbreak?

Line. All the UFO sightings have been in Texas. All places people saw UFOs was in Miami. All the UFOs were seen in Chicago. Is this correct or incorrect?

Circle. In the video, were all the UFOs seen from cruise ships and passenger airplanes? Did people on cruise ships and passenger airplanes see the UFOs?

Oval. Do all the UFOs look like flying saucers or flying discs?

Triangle. The UFOs were moving in a normal, straight trajectory (line). Is this right or wrong?

Square. Did a navy pilot or government official speak on camera?

Rectangle. The US military and government are completely open and transparent about everything regarding the UFO phenomena. The US military and government always say and tell everything about UFO sightings and encounters. Is this entirely true, mostly true, in the middle, yes and no, sometimes, seldom, rarely or never?

Pentagon. Are the UFOs primitive, low-tech vehicles?
Hexagon. My friends and I have seen a UFO. Yes or no?

Octagon. Have you heard of UFO sighting or reports? Have many people claimed to have seen a UFO? Have many people said they saw a UFO?

Sphere. Is there much interest and fascination of UFOs? Are people interested and fascinated by UFOs?

Pyramid. Are UFOs real? Do you think UFOs are real? What do you think they might be?

Cube. What might happen in the future?

Cone. Should people and governments do anything? What should people and governments do regarding UFOs

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