ufo 2

Unidentified Flying Objects



cloud forecast weather forecast
trout ground object (3)
stream land (2) catch/caught/caught
effort circular bright (2)
visor accent strangely
nimbly controls frightened
shiny form (3) disappear
panel step (2) knock (2)
floor ceiling surprise
scream pitch (2) high-pitched
vanish believe take off (2)
exist official ministry
whole defense turn around
hide (2) right (3) government
force retract powerful



It happened one night just over a year ago.

I live in Oldershot, in the south of England.

The weather forecast that day said it was going to be a warm night with clouds — and that’s perfect for fishing.

And so after dinner, I walked over to a nearby stream, and began to fish. I caught a few trout and catfish.

A Bright Light

At about 1:00 am, I saw a bright light coming towards me at about 300 feet (91 meters) away. It came from some sort of flying object.

The object started to land behind some trees, but I could see it clearly because there was a full moon and it gave off so much light.


The Forms

Shortly after, I saw two forms coming towards me. And when they were about five feet away from me, they just stopped and looked at me for a good ten or fifteen seconds.

They were quite small, about four feet (122 centimeters) tall, dressed in green suits from head to foot. And they had helmets of the same color with a red visor, so I couldn’t see their faces.

The one on the right suddenly spoke to me — in English! He said, “come this way please.” They spoke in a funny accent. It sounded more like a machine or robot taking than a person.

Strangely, I wasn’t surprised nor did I feel frightened. I don’t know why.


The one who spoke started to walk towards the object. I followed him with the other one walked behind me.

We got to a wall and the first form climbed over it, as quickly and nimbly as a cat. I had to climb over it with a great deal of effort.

And then we got to the spaceship.

The Spaceship

It looked like it was about 45 feet (14 meters) across, silver-colored and very shiny. And there were round windows all around the side, but then the windows disappeared or were closed.

Some steps went from the ground up and into the spaceship. We climbed it and entered a circular room. I stood in one spot not far from the door for about ten minutes. The walls were covered with panels, controls and lights, while the floor was bright white and the ceiling black.

A central column connected the floor and the ceiling, about two feet (60 cm) wide, right in the middle of the room.

I didn’t see any more of these forms; just the two of them.


The Red Light

Suddenly one of them said, “stand under the red light.” I couldn’t see any red light. But then I moved to the right, and then I could see it coming from the ceiling.

I stood there for about five minutes.

And then a voice said, “what is your age?”
I said, “74.”

Then they told me to turn around.


After about five more minutes, one of them said, “You can go now. We have all the information we need from you.”

The Sound

So I exited the spaceship. As soon as I reached the ground, the stairs retracted and the spaceship then gave off high-pitched noise — like a scream — and the thing took off straight into the night sky.

The force was so powerful, it knocked me onto the ground.

I just sat there and watched it go until it vanished. I looked at my watch: it said two o’clock. I then returned home and went to bed.


The next morning, I went to the police station and reported what had happened that night.

In the afternoon an official from the Ministry of Defense came to my house and interviewed me. He told me to keep quiet about the whole thing, and tell absolutely no one.

I did as he told me.

A Year Later

That is until a year later, when I decided to tell the whole world about it. I want people to know what I had experienced. And so I invited journalists to my home and gave them an interview.


I didn’t used to believe in UFOs, but now I know they exist! I think governments are trying to hide something. People have a right to know.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Mr. Burton, the writer, was searching for UFOs. True or false?

2. Describe the weather and the scene.

3. What happened while he was fishing?

4. Describe the forms or visitors. What did the aliens look like? Did they speak perfect English?

5. The aliens kidnapped Mr. Burton and dragged him to the spaceship, and then went inside. Yes or no?

6. What was it like inside?

7. Did the spacemen feed Mr. Burton?

8. They all flew away, and the aliens took him back to their home. Is this right or wrong?

9. Did Mr. Burton tell anyone? What did they say?

10. He followed the official’s instructions. Yes or no? Why did he defy the official?
A. Have you or your friends seen a UFO?

B. There have been reports of UFO sightings in my country. Yes or no?

C. I think UFOs exist. I believe UFOs exist. What do you think of UFOs?

D. Would you like to go in a spaceship? Would you like to travel in a spaceship?

E. What will happen in the future?

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