ucla professors

UCLA Professors



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campus perspective bang for your buck
hybrid avenue (2) nanotechnology
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diverse heart (2) sophisticated
bruin accomplish part of that (it)
legacy carry on automatically
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Professor Owen Witte, M.D.: “What’s special about UCLA?”
Prof. Peter Guber, Film, Television and Digital Media: “It’s a great university! A magical place for public education. It’s a place where you can be or do anything.”

Prof. James Newton, Ethnomusicology: “Everyone can speak from their perspective.”

Prof. Linda Liau, M.D.: “In the twenty years I’ve been here, I’ve never had any doors shut.”

Prof. Kara Cooney, Egyptology: “You can jump from econ to archeology to philosophy, and know that you’re going to get the bang for your buck.”

Prof. Harryette Mullen, English, Poetry: “UCLA definitely is a place that encourages us to go beyond the disciplinary boundaries.”

Chef Ray Works, Housing and Hospitality: “And it doesn’t hurt that the sun shines 350 days of the year. That helps.”

Jim Gimzewski, Chemistry and Biochemistry: “At any point in time, there’re probably at least 5,000 different research projects going on, on campus. Here we want to do nanotechnology, we have to forget about the concept, ‘physics is physics; chemistry is chemistry.’ So we need a hybrid type of art and science approach.

Professor Owen Witte, M.D.: “We have one of the top-ranked medical sciences in the world. We are making history every day, from the most esoteric of diseases to the most common medical problems can be treated under one roof.”

Prof. Todd Presner, Digital Humanities: “You have truly a diverse, technically sophisticated research university that’s in the heart of a global, world city.”

That’s exciting.”

Vanessa Teff, ‘09: “UCLA was the first university to reach 100 NCAA national championships; you are part of this Bruin family and this Bruin community. Being a student-athlete At UCLA has prepared me for the future.

I’ll be excited to look back 20 years, and say, ‘I was part of that. And I still part of it’.”

Coming into a tradition that already produced accomplished people such as Jackie Robinson, Coach John Wooden, and Kareem Abdul Jabar, it’s made you want to perform that much better, and carry on the legacy.”

Prof. William Ouchi, Anderson School of Management: “When there is a serious issue that faces this city or this region, people automatically turn to UCLA.”

Frank Rodriguez, ’09: “UCLA has a major impact on the economy of southern California and the country.

This is such a diverse place not only to interact with other people, but also to get involved with Los Angeles. There’s so many avenues, so many organizations that really allowed me to directly start working with the community.”

Prof. Linda Liau, M.D.: “I am a neurosurgeon.”
Prof. James Newton, Ethnomusicology: “I’m a composer.”
Professor Owen Witte, M.D.: “I’m the director of the Rhodes Stem-Cell Research Center.”
Prof. Peter Guber, Film, Television and Digital Media: “I’m in the emotional-transportation business.”
Prof. Kara Cooney, Egyptology: “And we all cooperate with one another, which makes the experience richer for the student.”
Jim Gimzewski, Chemistry and Biochemistry: “Who has got the creativity and imagination can come up with the next killer application that’s going to change this planet, and have an impact.”
Professor Owen Witte, M.D.: “We’re training the future generation of scientists and other creative people.”
Prof. James Newton, Ethnomusicology: “I let them know the first day, the State of California has hired me to work for you.”
Prof. Kara Cooney, Egyptology: “I learn from them, and they learn from me.”

Prof. Jose Luis Valenzuela, Theater: “When you acquire knowledge, it’s your responsibility to give it.

That is the idea: a journey for the creation of excellence.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The professors on this video were all very enthusiastic about UCLA. Is this right or wrong?

2. Only the professor’s knowledge, ideas and information counts (is important). Yes or no? “I learn from them, and they learn from me.” What does this mean?

3. According to a doctor, are there any barriers, walls, glass-ceiling or discrimination at UCLA?

4. Only those who major in engineering, science and computers will have a worthy education. Is this true or false (according to a professor)?

5. Does UCLA conduct research and studies on a wide range of subject areas?

6. Is UCLA only about research, academics and scholarship?

7. UCLA is separate and isolated from the rest of Los Angeles, California, the country and the world. Is this correct or wrong?

8. “When you acquire knowledge, it’s your responsibility to give it.” Elaborate on this.

9. What do you suppose the purpose of this video was, a news report, mini-documentary, a promotional and marketing video or both?
A. I would like to attend UCLA. Yes or no? Would your friends like to study there?

B. Is UCLA similar to or different from your local university?

C. Do you think student life in UCLA is “fun”?

D. Do you prefer the American or European style of university?

E. What will happen in the future?


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