ucla campus life

UCLA Campus Life



campus well lit on campus
peer involve getting along
dorm cool (2) personality
single hang out convenient
triple thought out res (residence)
finals downstairs have friends over
tutor mid-term surrounded
mile head on sense of security
patrol lounge barbecue pit
closet go ahead walk you over
double around (3) around the corner
Frisbee chill-out head down
bunch depending rendezvous
nachos smoothie guacamole
swipe on the ball on the way
messy deadline guarantee
option make sure preference
cater figure out






Student One: “I really enjoy the res life here on campus. Everyone lives so close to each other. From one hall to the farthest hall, you can visit anybody within five minutes.

Student Two: “I like living on campus because you are so involved in what’s going on in UCLA, like you know what events are happening on campus.

You get to eat with all your other peers at every meal.”

Student Three: “I can walk to my class within fifteen minutes. I’m surrounded by all the other people that live on campus.

Student Four: “You really become a part of the UCLA campus: it’s pretty amazing.”

Student Three: “Moving into a res hall, I was more nervous about not getting along with my roommates. But you do realize once you get there that you just learn to love the different personalities that you’re living with.”

Student Five: “You always have someone with you in the dorm, cause you’re living in a little box. So having three people means at least one person will be in the room with you.”

Student Six: “Most of the dorm rooms here are made for doubles, so you have to figure out who’s going to get which closet. And sometimes one closet is a little different from the other one, so you have to figure that out.”

Student Seven: “I’m going to live in a triple next year, mainly because of the cost: it’s cheaper. And I’ve had such a great experience this year living with two other people.

Student Eight: “One thing that I really like about living on campus, is that you take classes with people who live really close to you — sometimes even on the same floor. That’s really convenient because you can meet in the study lounge and go over tests, quizzes, homework.”

Student One: “UCLA makes it really easy to be able to study. In triples it’s a little harder; a lot of times your roommates have friends over, you have some music playing.

So head on downstairs, find a study room — you can reserve them online.

Student Nine: “For all students living on campus, there’s free tutoring offered in Kovel for math, science, English and classes like that.”

Student Ten: “The sessions usually run about an hour long. And the best thing is that you get to be taught by students who have already had the class.”

Student Eleven: “Well I like to study late night at Powell, when I have finals or mid-terms. And it’s probably half-a-mile walk that I have to walk across campus to get back to my dorm.

I always feel very safe walking back: it’s well lit; and usually there are actually other students around, so I always have a good sense of security.”

Student Four: “There’re so many things here that they do here on campus to keep you safe: they have people downstairs checking your room-card. After nine o’clock, they have RAs patrolling the halls.

Student Nine: “We have a great CSO program, where if you need to go anywhere on campus, just go ahead and give them a call, and they’ll walk you over there.

One of the other cool things about living on campus is Sunset Recreation Center, which is just around the corner. You can go swimming, you go and play tennis, basketball.”

Student 11: “They have barbeque pits, and you can just go there and hang out, play Frisbee.

Student Twelve: “If you want to chill-out in the res halls, you can head down to the rec room, play pool, ping-pong, foosball. And there’s always someone there ready to play.”

Student Three: “This year I’m really involved in four governments; you create a lot of activities that happen around the floor.”

Student Female: “We have floor dinners; we’ve had floor activities in the lounge where we’ve played turbo cranium. So there’s a whole bunch of different things they plan to keep you busy.”

Student Three: “With four dining halls and four other restaurants, it’s really easy to get food every day. And without that, I’d be eating macaroni and cheese every night.

I really like the Kovel Pizza. It’s made great!”

Student Five: “The menus change daily; so it’s always helpful to check online before we go to eat to see what’s being served in different dining halls. And then depending on whatever sounds the best, that’s where we go.”

Student Four: “My favorite place on campus would have to be Rende; well Rendezvous. They get their chicken nachos and put guacamole on it.

It’s so good!”

Student Thirteen: “They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner; and for a swipe, I can get a quick meal, either Mexican or Chinese food.”

Student Male: “The Bruin Café is good because I can use my Bruin card.”

Student Female: “They have wonderful smoothies, great sandwiches, great coffee.”

Student Male: “You can get great food from seven in the morning to two am at night.”

Student, Female: “It’s very convenient because you can get something to eat on your way to campus.”

Student One: “As your first year, you have to make sure you’re on the ball with your deadlines, especially with housing. But if you miss these deadlines, you’re not guaranteed housing for your freshman year.

You want to make sure you get that.”

Student Twelve: “The application process is done online. It’s really easy. You have a lot of options for roommate preferences like what time do you go to sleep, do you like to keep your room messy or clean.

And the whole thing takes just five to ten minutes.”

Student Two: “Living in the triple room, you get to meet one more person who can become close with. And also with there being more triples, there are more people living on your floor, and ultimately you get to meet more people.”

Student Eleven: “I just think it’s amazing. You’re never going to have this opportunity again; to live in a building where everyone’s your age.”

Student One: “It’s a really good, well thought out program here at UCLA, to cater to the students’ needs.”

Student Two: “Living on campus is a great way to find your community within UCLA.”


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The UCLA students like living close to many other students on campus. Is this correct or wrong?

2. Did one student feel apprehensive and anxious about sharing a room with a stranger? Does he still feel that way or has he changed?

3. Which is cheaper, living in a single, double or triple person room? Did the students have positive or negative experiences living with two other roommates?

4. What did a student say about going to class with the same people in her dorm?

5. If a student does not understand his or her lessons or lectures, it’s their problem. True or false?

6. Is UCLA a safe place? Do (female) students feel safe at night on the UCLA campus? Why do they feel safe and secure?

7. Life in the student dormitories is only about studying and academics. Yes or no?

8. Students eat the same types of meals daily: bacon and eggs; soup, salad, meat, potatoes and bread. Is this right or wrong? Do the students eat the same, basic meals at the same cafeteria every day?

9. Do quiet studious students end up living with students who like loud music, drinking and partying?

10. Can most official things at UCLA be done online?


A. Do you know anyone who has studied at UCLA? How did they describe it?

B. I (and my friends) would like to study at UCLA. Yes or no? Why would or wouldn’t you like to study there?

C. Does it seem like these students only like to party, socialize, eat and play games? Do you think they are lazy and spoiled?

D. Is student campus life on UCLA similar to or different from your university?

E. Would you like your university to be more like UCLA or not?

F. What will universities be like in the future?

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