twas the night before christmas

Santa in a Shop



try scare remember
grab really think/thought/thought
ouch beard sit/sat/sat
lap smile reindeer
knee other camera
all before take a picture
okay jittery see/saw/seen
a lot all day question
field people around (2)





You scared me. Oh, dear.
Look at you. Step up on this and get up on my knew.
There we go, like that. Good. You were trying to scare me?
Really? You know what scares me a lot?
If you grab my beard.

Hello, how are you?
Why don’t you stand up for me.
I think she could sit on your lap all day.

Hello! How are you?
Why don’t you stand up? Sit on my other knee. Okay, a big smile. Merry Christmas.
A camera. Take pictures. Take picture of your mom and dad.

I saw you before.
And she remembered one of her questions. What is your question?
“Where are your reindeer?”
“The reindeer? You know what? They get jittery when there are people around. So we had to move them out of town in a field where there isn’t anybody around.”


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. What was Santa doing in the beginning? He was…..
What were the children doing?

2. All the children liked the music. True or false? Where is this place?

3. Is Santa afraid of anything? What scares Santa? What did the girl do to Santa?

4. What did the girls’ parents do? The parents . . . .

5. Santa met a family outside. Is this right or wrong? Did the girl ask Santa a question? What did she ask? What did Santa say?

6. Is Santa single or married?

7. What did Santa do in the end?
A. I have seen Santa in town. I have met and talked to Santa. Yes or no?

B. Is Santa common in shopping malls and on the street?

C. What do you wish Santa would give you?

D. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love Christmas!

E. What will happen in the future?

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