turn off wake up

Turn off, Turn over

Wait for, Wake up



Turn away (2) Turn in (2) Turn off (2)
Turn on (2) Turn over (3) Turn to
Turn up (2) Wait on Wait for
Wait out Wake up Watch out for (2)


Turn away (2), Turn in (2) Turn off (2)

1. Turn away (1): to turn and move in another direction.
The group of people turned away from man with the bag. Why did they turn away?

2. Turn away (2): to reject, refuse, don’t let enter.
Officials turned many people away from the concert hall. Why did they turn them away?

3. Turn in (1): to hand in, submit (a report, homework).
We usually have to turn in a report (or homework) on Friday or Monday. Yes or no?

4. Turn in (2): go to bed.
“I’m tired. I’m turning in for the night.” What time do you usually turn in? What time does your friend turn in on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays?

5. Turn off (1): to stop a light, TV, etc. by flipping a switch.
I always turn off the lights and oven before leaving my house. Yes or no?

6. Turn off (2): to make someone feel dull, bored, bad.
What kind of music turns you or your friend off? …..turns me off.

Turn on (2), Turn over (3)

7. Turn on (1): start (light, TV, radio) by flipping a switch.
When do you turn your computer on? I turn my computer on at…..

8. Turn on (2): to excite, arouse.
What kind of music, hobby, women or men turns your classmate or colleague on?

9. Turn over (1): to hand over or transfer.
Do business owners usually turn over their company to their children?

10. Turn over (2): to (buy) and sell in a business.
What sales person turns over the greatest amount of products and services in your company? Which company in your industry, turns over the greatest amount of products or services?

11. Turnover (3, noun): the amount of workers leaving and entering a job or company.
Our company has a low turnover. Is this correct or wrong?

Turn to, Turn up (2), Wait on, Wait for

12. Turn to: to go to for help.
Who do you turn to when you have a problem?

13. Turn up (1): increase the volume.
My mother gets upset when I turn up the TV or radio.

14. Turn up (2): appear unexpectedly.
Does your CEO, principal, or headmaster turn up in your office or classroom? How do people feel?

15. Wait on (1): to serve (as a waiter or in a shop).
Sometime people who wait on me are snarly or indifferent. Yes or no?

16. Wait for: to wait for someone or something.
No one likes to wait for a long time. Is this a useful fact for businesses?

Wait out, Wake up, Watch out for (2)

17. Wait out: to wait until something bad finishes.
There’s thunder and lightning. What should you (or a ship in port) do?

18. Wake up: to stop sleeping.
Does your friend like to wake up early, late, or in the middle?

19. Watch out for: be on the lookout for something
Watch out for a man in a red costume and black boots. Why?

20. Watch out (imperative): be careful of; beware of.
What do you tell your cousin from the country?

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