trump’s fans

Trump’s Fans



allow rape (2) entrepreneur
target guts (2) presumptive
theft respect admiration
tough nominee have the guts
owner promise equivalent
empty sharp (2) pragmatic
appeal audience apprentice
deal (2) bestseller real estate
doubt vocal (2) consulting
irony celebrity candidate
clown narcissist share (3)
tycoon state-run negotiate
bluster mainland destination
fan (2) opinion shortage



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Donald Trump, US Presidential Candidate: “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country — and that’s what they’re doing. It’s the greatest theft in the history of the world.”

Tough talk about trade from the Republican presumptive nominee against one of his top targets.

Yet here in China, there is respect — and even admiration — for Donald Trump.

Gu Yu, Chinese Tech Entrepreneur: “I think Donald Trump has the guts to say everything that normal people and the rest of society fear to say.”

Gu Yu is a young tech entrepreneur, part of a vocal group of Chinese fans of the billionaire businessman.

One social media user on China’s Twitter equivalent, Wei Bo, says Hillary Clinton just makes empty promises, while Trump is the king of doing what he says.

Another calls him “sharp and pragmatic”.

One person even says they’d vote for him because he is so handsome, a face Chinese audiences got to know from his days on Celebrity Apprentice, a hit here in China.

From TV to books, Trump’s bestseller, The Art of the Deal, in Mandarin, is found in bookstores across Beijing.

His success as a businessman is no doubt part of his appeal as a politician.

Some Chinese see a rich billionaire, and want to be just like him, like the owner of Trump Consulting, a Chinese real estate firm named after the candidate himself.

The irony: the owner tells CNN, “Donald Trump is a political clown, but I wouldn’t change my company name for that: he’s a real estate tycoon, after all.”

His feelings on Trump the politician, shared by the media here.

In March the state-run newspaper, The Global Times called Trump a “rich narcissist” and a “clown” for statements like this:

Donald Trump: “Negotiating with China. When these people walk in the room, they don’t say, “Oh, hello how’s the weather? It’s beautiful outside.” They say, “We want deal!”

Even with all the bluster, Trump Tower is still a popular destination for tourists from Mainland China and Taiwan visiting New York City.

Tourist One: “He’s like a superstar, you know.”
Tourist Two: “Everybody likes Trump, so I came to see. I wish Trump would win.”

Still not everyone is a fan.

Tourist Three: “If he becomes president, I’ll be a little bit scared.”

The Chinese, just like many Americans have no shortage of opinions on Donald Trump.

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1. Is Donald Trump a significant and influential person? Why is he so important?

2. Does Trump see China as weak, strong or too strong?

3. Everyone in China dislikes and is afraid of Trump. True or false? What are some qualities that people like about Trump?

4. Do people only express their opinions in speeches and conversations?

5. Trump has become famous in China only recently (when Trump began running for US president). Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Rich Chinese and the Chinese government admire and respect Trump just like many ordinary people. Yes or no?

7. What can you say about Trump Tower?

8. All Chinese and Americans feel the same way about Donald Trump. Is this right or wrong?


A. Are people in your country interested in the US presidential campaign and election?

B. Who do you support? Who would you like to see win the election?

C. What do you and your friends think about Trump?

D. Are there politicians and celebrities like Donald Trump in your country?

E. What would happen if Trump became president?


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