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Trump Supporters



rally narrative faithful (2)
trap coward give it her all
offend prepared admission (2)
admit pageant release (2)
invade tired (2) tax return
insist suggest composure
media respect tension (2)
hype heart (2) push ahead
doubt respect conspiracy theory
chide vulture safe deposit box
refer buy it (2) housekeeping
silly issue (3) apparently
vote debate birtherism
hoax despite awesome
deny bother behind it
poll forgive birth certificate









Among the Trump faithful at this Florida rally, there was little doubt about who won the night.

Carma Szlozek, Trump Supporter: “He held his composure very strongly last night. She tried; she gave it her all — but I don’t think he bought it. He did not fall into that trap.

Journalist: “Do you think that he was prepared?”
Les Chelsey, Trump Supporter: “I do think he was prepared. He’s prepared for everything.

Journalist: “Do you think he made any mistakes?”
Trump Supporter 3: “I don’t think he make any mistakes.”

No mistakes, but some interesting admissions.

When Hillary Clinton suggested Donald Trump may not have released his tax returns because he hadn’t paid federal taxes, Trump seemed to admit it, calling it “smart”.

Some supporters jumped to his defense.

Les Chelsey, Trump Supporter: “He paid his taxes. It’s just that he doesn’t want people . . .
Journalist: “How do you know that?”
Les Chelsey: “Well, why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn’t he pay his taxes? People are going to know if he hasn’t.”

Journalist: “And if he didn’t pay?”
Jackie Gibson, Trump Supporter: “I think that’s awesome. I try to pay as little as I have to, don’t you?”

At some point a handful of supporters got tired of our debate questions, and insisted that we talk to a military mom.

That’s when things turned ugly when this woman calling us, the media, vultures and cowards.

Angry Female Trump Supporter: “Get the f _ _ _ down there and you interview her. Give her the respect she needs. If you’re not here to interview military leave!

Leave! Leave!

You’re here about Hillary Clinton! We’re here about Trump and our military!

Leave! Leave!

No! You’re here about . . . cause you don’t have the heart!

Police Officer: “Give her her personal space.

Police stepped in after that, but tensions remained high.

We pushed ahead with the issue of birtherism.

When Trump was asked about it in a debate, he said he had nothing more to say about why he pushed that narrative.

Trump Supporter 3: “Major question and it was answered. And I think he answered the question.”

But to some here, the conspiracy theory still lives.

Jackie Gibson, Trump Supporter: “I want to hear an explanation from President Obama. And we never got one from him, did we?”
Journalist: “What has he got to explain?”
Jackie Gibson, Trump Supporter: “Where he was born. Just show his birth certificate. I have mine at home in my safe deposit box.”
Journalist: “He did show it.”
Jackie Gibson, Trump Supporter: “No.”

And what about when Mrs. Clinton chided Mr. Trump for referring to a former Miss Universe pageant contestant as “Miss Piggy”, and then later, apparently because she was Latina, as “Miss Housekeeping”.

Journalist: “As a woman, does that language bother you?”
Jackie Gibson, Trump Supporter: “No. It’s silly.”
Journalist: “Silly?”
Jackie Gibson, Trump Supporter: “It’s silly. I mean, it has nothing to do with the election. There’s so many important issues in our country right now.”

This woman wasn’t offended either.

Journalist: “Do you think he respects women?”
Trump Supporter wearing cap: “I believe yes, he does.”

Clinton once hit Trump for his support for invading Iraq, and calling climate-change a hoax, started by China.

He denied doing either, despite the fact that he said both.

This supporter was forgiving, especially on the issue of climate change.

Journalist: “And that China was behind it.”
Kenneth Szlozek, Trump Supporter: “I believe Al Gore is behind it making money; he’s gotten rich off of it.
Journalist: “He has admitted that he had said that, or no it doesn’t bother you?”
Kenneth Szlozek, Trump Supporter: “It doesn’t bother me a bit, because I would have told him the same thing: I say that’s a hoax and a hype right there.”

And despite CNN’s poll showing Clinton having the stronger night, we couldn’t find anyone here now voting for her.

Trump Supporter wearing cap: “Hell no. I’m voting for him: he’s my man.”


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1. The people here were attending a football match in a stadium. True or false? Who where these people? Why were they there?

2. What were the first three people talking about? To them, was Trump composed, prepared and correct?

3. Does Donald Trump had issues or problems with taxes? What did Clinton accuse him of? Did his supporters think Trump was a bad person because of this?

4. Everyone at the rally was nice and friendly. Is this right or wrong? Why was the woman shouting at the reporter?

5. Were some people suspicious about Barrack Obama? What item did the woman mention?

6. Did Trump insult a Latina woman? What did he do? Were his supporters aghast by what Trump had done? Do they think Trump is a misogynist?

7. Is Donald Trump an environmentalist?


A. Was the journalist neutral and objective, was she being cynical and provocative, or biased against Trump?

B. Are there people in your city similar to these Trump supporters?

C. People often have heated political arguments. Yes or no?

D. Are politics and elections very dear to everyone? Is everyone very passionate and interested in elections and politics?

E. There are big political rallies in my city. True or false?

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