The Trip




really usually sit around
relax weekend read/read/read
busy include wonderful
cheap brilliant go/went/gone
flight nightlife good/better/best
stay fantastic pound (2)
great romantic departure
lovely nowhere astonishing
thing poor (2) sit/sat/sat
exotic book (2) I suppose
lotion check-in board (3)
wait of course boarding pass
bit (2) pack (2) fly/flew/flown
off to nervous aeroplane
silly exciting holiday (2)
adios passport eat/ate/eaten
tan pass (3) sleep/slept/slept
brush terrified get/got/got-gotten
funny pocket toothbrush
yet cream lounge (3)
fun safe (2) hasta la vista
go on abroad take out (2)






On Sunday mornings, we usually just sit around and read the papers; it’s so relaxing after a busy week.

Jane: “This is good: a weekend in Barcelona, including flights and hotel: one-hundred and twenty pounds (£120).”
David: “That’s cheap.”
Helen: “I went to Barcelona about three years ago.”
Jane: “Did you have a good time?”
Helen: “It was brilliant: the food was wonderful and the nightlife . . .”
David: “How long did you stay?”
Helen: “For a week; we stayed in a four-star hotel.”
Matt: “We? Who did you go with?”
Helen: “A friend.”
David: “Have you ever been to Barcelona?”
Matt: “No, I haven’t.”
Helen: “Here’s another one: Paris, one-hundred and ninety pounds (£190).”
David: “Paris is fantastic; I went there as a student.”
Helen: “I went when I was at school.”
Jane: “So romantic.”
Matt: “So you’ve been to Paris too, then?
Jane: “Of course, I have.”
Matt: “Where else have you been to?”
Jane: “Rome . . . Prague . . .”
Helen: “I love Prague!”
Jane: “New York . . .”
David: “New York’s great!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Jane: “What about you? Where have you been to, Matt?”
Matt: “Well, nowhere.”
David: “Nowhere?”
Matt: “ . . . I’ve been to Scotland.”
David: “That’s astonishing! Do you mean say you’ve never been abroad?”
Matt: “Only Scotland.”
Helen: “You poor thing!”
Jane: “Why don’t you go to Barcelona! It’s really cheap.”
Helen: “And you have another holiday this year.”
Matt: “Nah, I went home to Birmingham.”
David: “Birmingham’s not exactly exotic. Why don’t you go?”
Matt: “No reason.”
Jane: “How about next weekend?”
Matt: “I could do, I suppose.”
Jane: “Come on. Let’s book your ticket.”
Matt: Alright! . . . How?”
Jane: “On the Internet, of course!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Jane: “There: Flight JM-514 to Barcelona, Friday the 23rd of May at nine o’clock in the evening. Check-in at 7:30 pm.”
Matt: “What do I do between half-past seven and nine o’clock?”
Jane: “You get your boarding pass and you wait in the departure lounge . . .

Hang on . . . Haven’t you ever flown before?”

Matt: “No, I’ve never been on an aeroplane. Actually, I’m a bit . . .”
Jane: “Nervous?”
Matt: “Terrified!”

Jane: “Oh, Matt. Don’t be silly. Flying’s really exciting.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Matt: “What about this one?”
David: “That was a holiday in LA — I had a girlfriend there.”
Matt: “How long . . .”
David: “We were together for about six months.”
Matt: “No, I mean, how long did the flight take?”
David: “About ten hours.”
Matt: “Ten hours?!? What did you do for ten hours?”
David: “Watch films, ate, slept. Anyway your flight’s only two hours.

Have you packed yet?”

Matt: “No, I haven’t.”
David: “It might be a good idea.”
Matt: “All right.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David: “Have you packed everything?”
Matt: “Yes I have.”
Helen: “Passport?”
Matt: “Yes.”
David: “Suntan cream?”
Matt: “Yes.”
Helen: “Your toothbrush?”
Matt: “I’ve packed everything.”
Jane: “Have you phoned for a taxi yet?”
Matt: “I did it 15 minutes ago.”
David: “That’s it.”
Helen: “Well, go on.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Neighbor: “Where are you off to?”
Matt: “Barcelona.”
Neighbor: “Oh have fun!”
Jane: “Have a great time, Matt.”
Matt: “Thank you.”
Friends: “Bye. Adios. Hasta la vista. Safe journey.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Matt: “Hello. No, I haven’t. That’s impossible; I’ve just taken it out of my pocket — I’ve got it here . . . Oh no; I’ve taken yours.”

Jane: “Have a lovely time!”

Matt had a wonderful time in Barcelona. And the flight? He loved it. In fact, he’s thinking about taking flying lessons.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


London, Oxford, Cambridge. On Sunday mornings, David, Matt, Jane and Helen go to the beach. True or false?

Paris. That Sunday morning, did Helen, David and Jane talk about shopping malls, discos, restaurants, cafes and visiting their parents?

New York, Los Angeles, Miami. Matt has been to Colombia, Iran, Sicily, Mexico, China, Thailand. Is this right or wrong?

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi. Can only rich people travel to Spain? Do people have to go to a travel agency?

Rome, Milan, Venice. Matt loves flying on airplanes, because it’s FUN! Is this correct or incorrect?

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia. Did David travel to Los Angeles on business?

Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir. Will Matt travel with a backpack? Did he make a mistake?
Vienna, Budapest, Prague. I have flown on an airplane. Yes or no? What cities or countries have you traveled to?

Mexico City, Cancun, Acapulco. What are some popular travel destinations?

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg. What places would you like to travel to? I would like to travel to . . .

Beijing, Shanghai, Xian. Traveling is great! Traveling is a great experience. Travel broadens the mind. Traveling is good for people. People should travel. What do you think?

Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai. What might happen in the future?


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