The Trampoline



injure nightclub win/won/won
secret backyard trampoline
believe relatively dream come true
royal bounce dream (2)
bit perform good luck
enjoy originally appreciate
silent audience silent movie
hope achieve in front of
variety brilliant choreograph
split trousers congratulations






Vladimir Georgievsky: My name is Vladimir Georgievsky. I’m originally from Russia, and I came to the UK in 1993. And I met my wife in Swansea — in a nightclub.

Ant and Dec: What are you going to do for us?
Vladimir Georgievsky: I’m going to bounce on my trampoline. If I win Britain’s Got Talent, I would love to perform in front of the Royal Family. It’s a dream come true.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Alesha: Hello.
Vladimir Georgievsky: Hello.
Alesha: How are you?
Vladimir Georgievsky: I’m fine thank you.
Alesha: What’s your name?
Vladimir Georgievsky: I’m Vladimir Georgievsky.
Alesha: Great name.
Vladimir Georgievsky: Thank you.
Alesha: Where do you live?
Vladimir Georgievsky: Swansea.
Alesha: Swansea.
Vladimir Georgievsky: Yes.
Alesha: Okay. You married?
Vladimir Georgievsky: Uh, yes we have two sons.
Alesha: Lovely. What are you going to do for us today?
Vladimir Georgievsky: I bought a trampoline for my kids, for my boys, in the backyard. I just started bouncing with them . . . and then some friends of ours told me I should do Britain’s Got Talent.
Alesha: So do you believe you could win this show?
Vladimir Georgievsky: If I didn’t believe I could, I wouldn’t be here.
Alesha: Well, that’s good. Good Luck.
Vladimir Georgievsky: Thank you very much.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

David: I think your secret . . . you’re really good at trampolining, aren’t you?
Vladimir Georgievsky: Thank you.
David: That was brilliant. We’re always saying we’re looking for something we’ve never seen before. And I know Simon enjoyed the bits where you could have been injured very badly.
Amanda: I really enjoyed it because it goes back to the silent movie days, which shows that a relatively young audience can still appreciate it and still laugh.
Vladimir Georgievsky: Thanks.
Simon: It’s fantastic. What do you hope to achieve from this if you do well?
Vladimir Georgievsky: Well, a variety for me would be a dream come true.
Simon: I thought it was really, really good.
Vladimir Georgievsky: Thank you. Thank you Simon, thank you.
Alesha: I think you would be perfect for more variety. You choreographed it to perfection.
David: My favorite act today; I’m going to say ‘yes’.
Amanda: It’s a ‘yes’ for me.
Alesha: It’s a ‘yes’ for me.
Simon: You’ve got four ‘yeses’. Congratulations.

Vladimir Georgievsky: I think I split my trousers. I only bought it yesterday — twenty five pounds.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Vladimir Georgievsky is English. True or false? Does he live in Moscow now?

2. According to Vladimir, did he start trampolining when he was a child?

3. Vladimir Georgievsky is confident that he can win. Is this right or wrong?

4. Was he dressed in a sports suit or gym clothes?

5. Did he hurt himself badly?

6. Vladimir Georgievsky did everything “perfectly”. What do you think?

7. The judges and audience loved his performance. Is this correct or incorrect?

8. Did he damage his pants?


A. Does Vladimir Georgievsky look like a gymnast or acrobat?

B. Was his act what you had expected?

C. Do you believe him when he said that he bought a trampoline for his boys and started jumping around, and some neighbors said he should go on Britain’s Got Talent?

D. Have you or your friends jumped on trampolines?

E. Kids love to jump on their beds. Yes or no?


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