tower of babel

 The Tower of Babel



tower terrace ancient
shape deluge descendant
flood hunter facilitate
settle rule (2) migrate
quarry enlarge found (2)
spread feature please (2)
reach declare to populate
reach scatter murmur



The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel was a tower in Babylon, a city in ancient Mesopotamia. It was shaped like a pyramid with terraces — a design known as a ziggurat.

The construction of the Tower of Babel is mentioned in the Bible.

After the Deluge or Great Flood, Noah’s descendants migrated eastwards and settled in southern Mesopotamia.


A man called Nimrod made himself king of all the people. This was facilitated by the fact that, at that time, everyone spoke the same language.

His kingdom included the cities of Akkad, Babylon, and Uruk, all in present-day Iraq. He founded the city of Nineveh in the north.

Nimrod also became famous as a skillful hunter. His quarry included individuals as well as animals.

Constructing the Tower

Under Nimrod’s leadership, people began to enlarge Babylon. Its central feature was the Tower of Babel.

But God wanted humans to move and spread out, and populate the Earth. He was not pleased with Nimrod and the tower.

However Babylonians declared, “Let’s build a great city and a tower so big that it will reach heaven. Then we will be great and famous!”


So God suddenly made the builders speak different languages. Since they could not understand one another, they stopped working.

Persons who spoke the same language formed groups. Together they moved away from Babylon, and scattered to other parts of the world.

Today the word “babble” means speech that cannot be understood, foolish talk or a murmuring sound.

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1. The Tower of Babel was located in what is now New York. True or false?

2. Who was Nimrod? Did the people elect him as president?

3. It was difficult to control and rule the people. Is this right or wrong? Did people speak English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian?

4. Was Nimrod a good king?

5. What did the people decided to do? Why did they want to do this?

6. God approved of what they were doing. Yes or no? What did God do as a result?

7. Did people continue their work? What were the consequences?


A. Is there a moral or lesson to the story?

B. What are some large or famous buildings or monuments?

C. Would you like to build or create something?

D. Are different languages spoken in your city or country?

E. Is the construction industry very big in your city?

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