tourists in trier

Tourists in Trier



hallow fortunate hallowed ground
quest worldview follow the footsteps
follow consider generation
lovely vision (2) upbringing
voyage founder voyage of discovery (2)
honest familiar to be honest
unveil is a must less fortunate
gift vogue (2) setting foot
veil perception sympathize
revere opinion understandable
statue sights (2) pilgrimage






Setting foot on hallowed ground: tourists come from around the world to see where Karl Marx was born. It’s a kind of pilgrimage for those with interests in economics and the history of ideas.

And it’s a quest to follow the footsteps of the man many consider as the founder of socialism.

Chinese Tourist, One: “Most Chinese like Karl Marx. I do too.”

Chinese Tourist, Two: “It’s lovely here. I came to see where Karl Marx was born. He is revered by our generation. It’s part of our upbringing. That’s why I wanted to visit this historical city.”

For some, it’s of a voyage of discovery more than one of reverence.

Taiwanese Tourist: “I’m Taiwan. I’m not familiar with him.”

Chinese Tourist, Three: “To be honest, I don’t know much about him.”

No matter: taking pictures here is a must. So is a visit to the house where Karl Marx was born.

Chinese Tourist, Four: “He was born to a wealthy family. But he still thought about all those less fortunate in the world. That’s why he was a great man.”

And he’s getting a great, big, new statue — more than five meters high.

A gift from the Chinese government, it’s being unveiled today.

Chinese Tourist, Five: “I can sympathize with people who have a different culture and religion. They have a different perception of Karl Marx.”

Chinese Tourist, Six: “That’s how it is in every family. It’s normal for people to have different opinions. So it’s understandable that people will have different worldviews as well.”

Marx’s vision may no longer be in vogue. But his statue will soon have all of Trier in its sights.

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1. Karl Marx’s hometown has become a tourist attraction. True or false?

2. “I came to see where Karl Marx was born. He is revered by our generation. It’s part of our upbringing.” What can you infer from this?

3. All the visitors know Marx very well. Is this correct or incorrect?

4. Do (older) Chinese tourists admire and respect Marx?

5. Karl Marx came from a working-class background and wanted power. Is this right or wrong?

6. Is Marx and his ideology very controversial?

7. What is going to happen in Trier?


A. We studied the life and philosophy of Karl Marx in school. Yes or no?

B. What do you and your friends and colleagues think about Marx and Marxism?

C. Is he very controversial? Do many people support and oppose Marxist ideology, while others are in the middle?

D. Are there socialists and communist leaders and organizations?

E. What will happen in the future?


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