topics for writing

Writing Topics



topic sample amusement
rotate personal assignment
plural singular first-person
typical excursion autobiography
trip (2) ambition adventure
goal describe spare time
feast festival suggestion
attend example celebration
strange unusual transportation
activity favorite experience
mall area (3) amusement park
fun horrible department store
exotic attraction uncomfortable
scary pastime successful
group sociology psychology
admire in general third-person
career device (2) government
tax remain relationship
ideal too much remain the same
finance influence agriculture
reduce eliminate destruction
carving obsessed material (2)
status pollution environment
perfect inequality over the years
retire face (2) imperative
avoid conflict scuba dive
crime resolve emigration
policy challenge immigration
advice aspiration second-person
suffer issue (2) marketing
anxiety persuade depression (2)
enroll poverty recreation
wood prevent skateboard
A’s excellent character (2)
lottery overcome raise/rose/risen
grade divide (2) surroundings
trait behavior personality
boring function

Here are some sample topics to write about. You should rotate your writing assignments among different areas.

    A. Basic Personal Information

  1. Write a general introduction or description of yourself.
  2. Talk about your typical weekday.
  3. Describe a school day or your schooling, a day in college or university.
  4. What I do in my free time, spare time.
  5. Describe your hobby.
  6. What I usually do on Saturdays and, or Sundays.
  7. What I did last Saturday or Sunday (or an interesting Saturday).
  8. What I did last summer (or your best summer).
  9. Describe a (school) excursion.
  10. Talk about an interesting or adventurous vacation or trip you’ve had.
  11. My goals, ambitions and aspirations in life.
  12. Meeting or visiting friends, relatives.
  13. Describe a party, feast, festival or celebration you have attended.
  14. Have you attended summer camp? If so, talk about it.
  15. B. People, Places, Things, Events Connected to You

  16. Describe your best friend (or any friend; personality, hobbies, likes).
  17. Talk about a famous person or someone you admire (businessperson, explorer, inventor, professor, writer).
  18. Write about an interesting or “strange” or “unusual” person.
  19. Describe a “bad” or “horrible” person you know or met.

  21. Talk about your home or your friend’s house.
  22. Describe your or your friend’s room or favorite room in your house.
  23. Write about a town or city in general (buildings, districts, economy, attractions).
  24. Describe a city center (include people and activities).
  25. Talk about a shopping mall, amusement park or park (include people, time, seasons).
  26. My favorite store, shop, department store, supermarket.

  28. Describe a natural area (forest, lake, mountain, hill, river, ocean, island).
  29. Where is your favorite place to visit, relax or have fun?
  30. Describe a beautiful or exotic place.
  31. Talk about a scary or uncomfortable or boring place.

  33. Talk about an interesting small business.
  34. Describe an interesting job, profession
  35. Talk about an interesting or unusual hobby, pastime or sport.
  36. What people do in the evening and weekends?
  37. Going shopping. How do you shop? What do you like to buy?
  38. Describe a holiday, celebration or festival (Christmas, New Years, etc).

  40. Write about your favorite device (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet).
  41. My favorite food or meals. What I like to eat.
  42. The food in my city.
  43. My favorite restaurant(s).
  44. My favorite song or type of music.
  45. My favorite singer, group or band.
  46. My favorite movie, types of movies.
  47. My favorite actor.
  48. Books, magazines, newspapers, websites.
  49. Talk about your favorite book. Who is the author?
  50. My favorite teacher (but not me).
  51. C. Sociology, Psychology, Politics, Economics

    a) Education

  52. Describe the educational and schooling system.
  53. Should there be changes in school, universities and education in general?
  54. What should schools be like? Describe your ideal school.
  55. Should the government (and private individuals) invest more in education?
  56. Is education very important? Why is education important?
  57. What should people study? What educational programs should people choose?
  58. Describe a good student who had a successful career.
  59. Write about a poor student who became successful.
  60. b) Government

  61. Describe the government.
  62. What should the government do, and not do or stop doing?
  63. What changes in the government should there be?
  64. Should taxes be increased, decreased or remain the same?
  65. Should government size and functions increase, decrease or remain the same?
  66. Describe your ideal government.
  67. c) Economy and Business

  68. Describe the economy (agriculture, manufacturing, finance, tourism).
  69. How can the economy be improved?
  70. Write about a company, firm or organization.
  71. How can a company or business succeed?
  72. Do big businesses and corporations have too much power and influence?
  73. d) Society

  74. Is poverty a serious problem? Describe the lives of poor people.
  75. How can poverty be eliminated or reduced?
  76. Is society (are people) too obsessed with money and material things?
  77. Is pollution a problem?
  78. What should people, governments, companies and organizations do to stop pollution and clean the air, water and land?
  79. Is there environmental damage?
  80. How can the environment be restored?

  82. Describe the status and position of women in society. Has it changed over the years?
  83. Is there a big divide between rich and poor and middle-class? Is there much inequality between rich, middle-class and poor people?
  84. Do elderly and retired people face challenges? Have things been changing over the years? What is the solution?

  86. Identify some conflicts. How can wars and conflicts be avoided, prevented or resolved?
  87. Is crime a serious problem?
  88. How can crime be reduced?

  90. Describe emigration from your or other countries to another country.
  91. Talk about immigration in your or other countries.
  92. What should be the policies about immigration?
  93. Talk about a religion.
  94. D. Personal Advice and Suggestions, How to

    a) Success and Achievement

  95. How can you become successful in you career or business?
  96. How can you make (lots of) money?
  97. Explain how to start and be good at a hobby, music or sport.
  98. b) Health Issues

  99. Are there any health problems and issues? What are some health concerns?
  100. How can people be healthier? What should they do?
  101. Describe the modern diet. What do people eat?
  102. What should they eat? Should they change?
  103. Do people suffer from stress, anxiety and depression? What causes them? Are they serious problems?
  104. How can you overcome stress, anxiety and depression, and be happy?
  105. c) How to do something

  106. You are in the marketing department of italki. Persuade people to enroll.
  107. How can you cook or make a certain food or meal (cake, pizza, spaghetti).
  108. How do you make something (video, wood carving, painting)?
  109. How to do something (ride skateboard, scuba dive, create website).
  110. How do you learn English, Greek, Polish, Thai?
  111. How to get A’s (excellent grades) in school.
  112. The advantages of home schooling.
  113. How to start and do well in home schooling
  114. d) Social Issues

  115. How to find a wife or husband.
  116. How to have a happy marriage.
  117. How should children be raised?
  118. How to emigrate to another country.
  119. How to stay healthy at old age.
  120. E. Other

  121. Describe your ideal wife or husband.
  122. What is the “best” country or place? Why? Describe it.
  123. Talk about a perfect society, government and people.
  124. What would you do if you won $10 million in2 the lottery?
  125. Write about your perfect home and the surroundings.
  126. Where would you like to travel to? What journey would you like to make?
  127. If you could live anywhere, where would you like to live and why?
  128. Describe someone you don’t like. Why don’t you like that person?
  129. Talk about character, personality or behavior traits you dislike.
  130. Describe a new app, device or program.
  131. What will happen in the future? (You can divide this into areas of food, computers, work, relationships, government, transportation recreation).
  132. F. Stories

  133. Your own stories, fiction or experiences


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