tomato fight two

The Tomato Fight



war last (2) going on
juice all over care about (2)
really bonanza first time
once unique experience
bathe decade take place
hurl it takes that’s how long
ago amazing throw/threw/thrown
crazy military operation
allow tear off engagement
folk squash more than
jail catsup fly/flew/flown
fight cool (2) win/won/won
world rule (2) pay/paid/paid






It’s a Spanish war that’s been going on for more than 65 years. But no one really cares about winning.

“It’s like a really, really, really amazing experience. It’s really unique.”

The fight takes place once a year — and it only lasts about an hour. That’s how long it takes to throw 150,000 tomatoes.

“Yeah it’s our first time. We’re both from England. This is our first time here. Yeah it’s amazing. It’s crazy, crazy, crazy. Crazy.”

Like all good military operations, the folks here have a few rules of engagement.

First, only tomatoes can be thrown. Second, all tomatoes have to be squashed before hurling them at someone’s head. And third, no one is allow to tear off anyone’s clothes.

“It’s really cool, like, tomatoes, lots of fighting.”

Decades ago, people were actually thrown in jail for participating in the tomato fight.

But then the small village of Bunol discovered that this flying catsup bonanza is good for business, people come here from all over the world — and pay money to bathe in the juices.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


11th (Eleventh Question). Approximately when did the Tomato Festival begin?

12th (Twelfth Question). The tomato fight lasts all day long, or from ten o’clock in the morning. Is this true or false?

13th (Thirteenth Q). Are many or few tomatoes used?

14th (Fourteenth). What are the three rules of engagement?

15th (Fifteenth). Tomato fighting has always been a cherish tradition. Is this correct or wrong?

16th (Sixteenth). Do local residents approve of the tomato fight?

17th (Seventeenth). Do the participants enjoy the tomato fight? How do the participants describe the tomato fight?

18th (Eighteenth). Only Spaniards participate in the Tomato Festival. Is this right or wrong?
M. July. Would you like to participate in the Tomato Fight Festival?

N. August. have visited Spain. Yes or no? Would you like to visit Bunol, Spain?

O. September. Are the locals happy and angry about the Tomato Fight Festival?

P. October. Might some or many people criticize the Tomato Fight Festival?

Q. November. What are some festivals in your town, city or country?

R. December. What might happen in the future?

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