tomato fight one

La Tomatina



fight surplus probably
world dictate throw/threw/thrown
ton straight begin/began/begun
reach earnest tradition
pole grease square (3)
climb light (2) heavy (2)
taste Greece drink/drank/drunk
local massive drunken
rocket release sound (2)
dump advice see/saw/seen
future get busy absolutely
smell impede basically
host masses estimated






I’ve come to Valencia to visit a small village called Bunol, which is about fifteen minutes by train from here.

The last Wednesday of every August, they host “La Tomatina”. That’s when they dump five tons of surplus tomatoes into the local town square.

And an estimated twenty thousand people get busy throwing them at each other.

It basically becomes the world’s biggest food fight.

Before La Tomatina beings in earnest, tradition dictates that they must climb a small pole to reach a ham at the top. The reason for this is that ham and tomatoes are traditionally eaten together.

While this looks easy, the pole is heavily greased in order to impede the drunken masses from reaching the top.

Once the ham is released, a rocket is sounded — and La Tomatina begins!

“I just had the best time. I love it. Everyone should come to Spain. What I didn’t like so much was then they got nice, fat, juicy tomatoes straight in the eye. Couldn’t see, but I could still taste it.

Advice for the future: I’d probably wear a T-shirt that would stain, I get absolutely savaged by the locals. A bit purvey, you might say.

I’m going to see, smell, taste, feel tomatoes for the next five weeks.”

How was it?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


5:00 am (Five o’clock, Five am). Where is this place? Is it a village, town or city?

6:00 am (Six am. Six o’clock). The festival takes place on 21 February. Is this right or wrong? When does the festival take place? The festival takes place . . . . .

8:15 am (Eight-Fifteen am). Are only a few bananas used? How much tomatoes are used?

10:30 am (Ten-Thirty am). Did the participants buy the tomatoes from the supermarkets and marketplaces?

12:00 (Twelve Noon, Twelve o’clock). What happens before the main event?

13:45, 1:45 pm (Thirteen-forty-five, one-forty-five pm). The participants eat tomato salads. Is this correct or incorrect?

15:21, 3:21 pm (Fifteen-twenty-one, Three-twenty-one pm). Because of the tomato mess, do the people feel terrible? How do the participants feel? What do they say?

17:00, 5:00 pm (Seventeen-hundred. Five o’clock pm). My friends and I would like to visit Bunol. Yes or no? Would you like to participate in the tomato fight?

18:07, 6:07 pm (Eighteen-o-seven, Six-o-seven pm). Do the participants like the tomato fight? Why do they like it? Would people in your city want to have a tomato fight?

19:52, 7:52 pm (Nineteen-fifty-two, Seven-fifty-two pm). Some people might criticize the Tomato Fight Festival. Why might some people criticize it?

20:34, 8:34 pm (Twenty-thirty-four. Eight-thirty-four pm). Twenty What are some festivals in your town, city or country?

12:00 (Twelve Midnight, Twelve o’clock). What might happen in the future?

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