Tikal, Guatemala




ruin jungle look closely
ruins temple hieroglyphics
site empire lie/lied/lied
Mayas rip (3) national park
basin UNESCO find/found/found
world heritage lie/lied/lain
extra ancient extraordinary
wild wildlife archaeology
acre situated significance
palace amazing biodiversity
lie include height (2)
thrive remnant civilization
former court (2) complex (2)
CE trade (2) structure
BCE ordinary important/more important/most important
tdue to journey leave/left/left (2)







These ruins lie deep in the jungle; and if you look closely, you’ll see thousands of hieroglyphics, which tell the ancient story of the Mayan empire.

Tikal National Park can be found in Northern Guatemala’s Petén Basin. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its extraordinary wildlife and cultural significance. Situated on over 142,000 acres of jungle, it is the home to amazing biodiversity.

The ancient site includes palaces, temples, and even courts for games. All the remnants of a civilization that thrived from 600 BCE to 900 CE. The complex at Tikal was formerly a center of Mayan culture. At its height, Tikal traded with cities in Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.

The structures here are some of the most important archaeological sites left by the Mayans, and a trip to Tikal is not only a journey of extraordinary beauty but also a window into the past.

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Tikal, Guatemal. The Mayan ruins of Tikal are located in the Sahara Desert of Egypt. True or false?

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico. Did the Mayans record everything in books?

Pyramids of Giza. Has the Tikal National Park been recognized? Is it famous only for its ruins?

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica. The Tikal complex only consists of pyramids. Is this right or wrong?

Machu Picchu. Was the heyday or height of Mayan civilization five thousand (5,000) years ago?

Sacsayhuaman. They Mayans were an isolated nation. Is this correct or incorrect?

Nasca Lines. Do only scientists, explorers and archaeologists visit Tikal?

Stonehenge. I have visited Mexico, Guatemala or other parts of Central America. Yes or no?

Coral Castle, Florida. Have you visited great monuments or structures?

Carnac, France. Would you like to visit great monuments or structures? If you could visit any monument or structure, which would you like to visit? If I could visit any monument or structure, I would like to go to . . . . .

Moai of Easter Island. My friends and I would like to become archeologists, historians or writers.

Baalbek ,Lebanon. What might happen in the future?

Göbekli Tepe. What could or should people, governments and businesses do? Should people promote tourism to these places? Should there be funding for their studies? Should people reconstruct and preserve monuments and structures?

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