three main types of writing

The Three Main

Types of Writing



process discourse depend on (2)
convey personal review (2)
opinion emotion persuasion
explain purpose present (3)
format describe biography
fiction anecdote non-fiction
aim (2) convince augmentation
agree editorial argument
mind detailed exposition
appeal evidence provide (2)
reason piece (2) find/found/found
express narration CV (resume)


Types of Writing

There are many different types of writing discourses, depending on the writer’s purpose and how and what he or she wants to convey. The three most common are 1) exposition, 2) narration, and 3) persuasion.

a) Exposition provides a detailed explanation. The writer explains an idea, thing or process, what it means, how it works and present facts.

News articles, textbooks, business and technical reports, encyclopedias and instructions follow this format.

b) Narration tells a story. It tells the reader what is happening or what happened, describing action and events. Narration can be found in fiction, biographies, personal experiences, and anecdotes.

c) Persuasion, or argumentation, aims to influence and convince readers to agree with the writer’s point of view. The writer may try to change readers’ mind by expressing personal opinions and providing evidence that appeals to their reasons, emotions, or both.

Persuasive writing can be found in advertising, opinion and editorial pieces in newspapers, reviews and CVs (resumes).

Most people write all three types in their lives, though depending on your profession, you may focus more on one type.


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1. There are only three types of writings. True or false?

2. Should you only pick and use one type of writing, the type of writing you like?

3. Does expository writing include what you did last summer or your vacation trip?

4. Narration only involves stories and fiction. Is this correct or incorrect?

5. In schools, are most books and other reading material are persuasive?

6. Is persuasive writing important (in business, economics and politics)?

7. Should you practice and focus on only one type of writing?


A. What sort of material do you (like to) read or listen to?

B. In school, what sort of writing assignments and homework did you have to do?

C. At work, what sort of writing do you or your parents have to perform?

D. What sort of writing do you like to produce?

E. Writing is very important in my career, profession or industry. Yes or no?

F. What might happen in the future?

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