The Cathedrals of Kizhi, one




island survive stand/stood/stood
multi- entirely transfiguration
nail wooden octagonal
bell corner exemplify
silver without architecture
cover sparkle large/larger/largest
gold proclaim small/smaller/smallest
steel open-air tall/taller/tallest
log (3) tradition hit/hit/hit
tower UNESCO build/built/built
sturdy undergo interlocking
dome century restoration
glory former carpentry
list heritage foot/feet (2)
site legend completion
air cast (2) match (3)
ax structure reinforcement







On a small island in Russia stands a 300-year-old multi-domed church that was built entirely without nails.

Kizhi Island is home to two wooden churches and an octagonal bell tower that exemplify 18th-century Russian architecture. The largest building on Kizhi Island is the Church of the Transfiguration. One hundred and twenty feet tall and covered in 22 domes, the church sparkles like silver when the sun hits it.

It was a tradition in Russian carpentry to build using only wooden logs with interlocking corners and no nails or steel reinforcement.

The structure was sturdy enough to survive until the 19th century when it underwent restoration to return it to its former glory.

In 1990, the island was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and today the island is a national open-air museum.

It might just be a legend, but upon completion of the structure, it was said Kizhi’s main builder cast his ax into the water and proclaimed there was not, and will not be, another one to match it.

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Church of the Transfiguration. The location of the Church of the Transfiguration is high in the mountains. True or false?

Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Do the churches feature spires? Do the churches have spires? How many domes does the Church of the Transfiguration have?

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Milan Cathedral. The Church of the Transfiguration is medium-sized. Is this right or wrong?

Seville Cathedral. Are these churches new or old? When were they built? Did anything happen after they were constructed?

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. After completing the church, the main craftsman went fishing. Is this correct or incorrect?

Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City. Do tourists only marvel at the exterior of the churches?
Winchester Cathedral. I have visited Kizhi Islands. Yes or no? Have your friends visited Kizhi Island? What impressive buildings and monuments have you visited?

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