The Versailles Palace, one




gate golden courtyard
lamp hallway Baroque
statue portrait sculpture
royalty nobility elegance
charm ceiling chamber
bible biblical Renaissance
gallery column staircase
bust heaven exquisite
angels balcony Age of Reason
stairs Rococo Age of Enlightenment





*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Chateaux. To enter the Versailles Palace, people must pass through sliding doors. True or false? Is the Versailles Palace small, medium-sized, big or very large?

Palace. Is the palace lit by florescent lights?

Castle, Fortress. The Palace is one-storied. The Palace has one level or flood. Is this right or wrong? Do people use elevators to reach different floors?

Tower, Moat, Gate. Are there lots of photographs on the Versailles Palace walls? Who are the people in the paintings? Are they wearing jeans, T-shirts and sneakers?

Mansion, Manor. Are the ceilings white? Can you see paintings of royalty and nobility on the ceilings?

Garden. What is the palace made of? What materials are used in the Palace decorations? What are the Palace decorations made of?

Church, Cathedral. Do the Palace of Versailles only consists of rooms? What can you see in the hallways?

Aqueduct. The Palace of Versailles was built in the 1200s, during the Middle Ages. What do you think?
Bridge. There are (many) castles, palaces and fortresses in my region and country. Yes or no? Are they popular tourist attractions? Do many people visit palaces and castles?

Town Hall, City Hall. Would you like to visit different palaces, castles and fortresses?

Plaza, City Square. My friends and I would like to live in a castle or palace.

Market, Marketplace. What might happen in the future?

Concert Hall, Theater, Opera House. Should the government and rich people rebuild castle and palaces? Should rich people build modern, new mansions or old, traditional, classical palaces?

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