The Three Musketeers




even saber triumph
cheer colorful outnumbered
clap beard strike (2)
pike balcony courtyard
calm feather flamboyant
patch scaffold eye patch
rope swing shall we
cape basket march (2)
spear sword applaud
odds defeat finish them off
kick enjoy show (2)
cut maiden swashbuckler
cart barrel mustache
fight victory win/won/won
hero boots damsel in distress





*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Musketeers. The scene was a forest. The scene took place in a forest. True or false?

Soldiers, Foot Soldiers. Were the soldiers wearing armor and helmets? Were they riding horses?

Knights, Squire. Two armies (of equal size) were battling each other. Is this right or wrong?

Prince, Princess. Were they fighting with guns? Were they simply fighting each other with swords?

Queen, King. Everyone was scared and terrified and ran away. Is this correct or incorrect?

Duke, Duchess. Why did the young musketeer fight so valiantly? Why did he fight so bravely?

Feudal Lord, Vassal. In the end, did anyone win? In the end, who won?
Merchant, Trader. I have seen movies or read about The Three Musketeers. Yes or no?

Craftsman. Are The Three Musketeers famous or popular? Have there been many TV shows, books and movies about them?

Peasant, Serf. My friends and I dream of being musketeers.

Jester, Joker. Was the 1600s the most gallant, dashing and swashbuckling time in history?

Household Servants. What might happen in the future?

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