The Tapioca Snack Bar




offer catwalk finish off
port dish (2) originate
starch extract indigenous
taste cassava population
crepe made of make/made/made
fill kind of turn into
snack butter dry/dried
sweet various present (3)
king bar (3) condense
own area (3) fry/fried
chop oregano customer
wet savory combination
puree tapioca show (2)
filling variety strawberry
fold root (3) by the way
great vendor holiday (2)
sieve popular street food
pan invent snack stand






This tourist area in Port Seguru is called Passarela do álcool or Catwalk of Alcohol.

The Stall

And this is tapioca, a dish that originated with Brazil’s indigenous population. It’s made of starch extracted from the cassava root, it’s turned into a kind of crepe and filled with various fillings, both sweet and savory.

Here at the Tapioca King Snack Bar, it’s offered in forty-eight (48) varieties, most of them were invented by Jose Valdo.

The Owner

Jose Valdo, Owner: “I present the customers with a new combination every day. They like them, so that’s why we have so many varieties today.”

Tapioca is the name of both the cassava starch and the finished dish.

Arianna shows us how to make a tapioca.
Arianna, Tapioca Cook: This chopped dried meat. This is cassava puree. Tomatoes. And it’s finished off with butter and oregano.”

The tapioca is served folded over.

The Customers

And how do the customers like it?

Customer, Female: “Strawberries with sweetened, condensed milk tastes great.”

Customer, Male: “I came here especially to try it. The quality is very good.”

And by the way, the snack-bar stays open until seven am, on certain holidays.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Cassava, Tapioca. The film crew went to the food court of a shopping mall. True or false?

Yams. Was the pedestrian mall empty and deserted, or full of people? Were they wearing jackets, sweaters and trousers (pant)?

Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla. Did the video feature an ice-cream stall?

Pineapple. The Tapioca King Snack Bar offers three kinds of tapioca crepes, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Is this right or wrong? Did the owner learn about the different types of crepes from a cookbook (recipe book)?

Sugar Cane. Is the pocket or outer part of the tapioca made of wheat flour and filled with tapioca puree inside? Did the video show Arianna eating a tapioca?

Banana, Plantain. What do the customers think of the tapiocas?

Coconut. The Tapioca King Snack Bar is probably open from ten in the morning to ten at night. What do you think?
Legumes, Beans, Peas. I have tried tapiocas. Is this correct or incorrect? Have you eaten crepes, blini, or pancakes?

Papaya. Are there street foods or snack bars in your town, city or country? What do they serve?

Mango. What countries or places offer “exotic” street foods?

Cherimoya. My friends and I would like to open or work at a street food stall. Yes or no?

Dates. What might happen in the future?

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