the sister and brother band

The Child Singer




proud pep talk sweet (2)
poke drums poking her head
ready I take it go get em
voice nervous shake their heads
buzz way (2) I can’t wait
hurt surprise I’m afraid (2)
afraid buzzer hit/hit/hit (2)
loud blow out blow/blew/blown
hurt scream packs a punch
crazy title (2) punch (2)
skin zombie partridge
cute mouth confused
scary culprit what goes on
crash rewind believe (2)
knot expert brush (2)
vote pack (2) hopefully
Vegas secret






Isaiah: “My name is Isaiah O’Neill, and I’m nine years old.”
Aaralyn: “My name is Aaralyn, and I am six years old. We are going out there, smiling and being proud of not being nervous.”
Isaiah: “That was the best pep talk I’ve heard.

I got drums for Christmas and Aaralyn kept poking her head inside like ‘I wanna play’. So we gave her a microphone and she started singing.”
Aaralyn: “I wanted to sing, and I knew I could do it.

I loved it.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Side Host: “Ready to go out there?”
Aaralyn: “Yeah.”
Side Host: “Go get em!”

Howard Stern: “Hello. How are you?”

Aaralyn and Isaiah: “Good.”

Howard Stern: “Welcome to America’s Got Talent. What is your name young lady?”
Aaralyn: “Aaralyn.”
Howard: “And you, sir, what is your name?”
Isaiah: “Isaiah.”
Howard: “You’re the drummer, I take it. And what do you do?”
Aaralyn: “Sing.”
Howard: “How old are you?”
Aaralyn: “Six.”
Howard: “You’re six, and how old are you?”
Isaiah: “Nine.”
Howard: “Brother and sister? Like the Partridge Family? I love that show? You ever hear of that show?
Aaralyn and Isaiah: “Shake their heads.”
Howard: “All right, we can’t wait to hear your sweet music. Thank you.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Howie Mendel: “Why are you buzzing? Why are you buzzing?”
Howard Stern: “I don’t want her to hurt her voice.”

Howard: “Now I’m going to surprise you: the reason I hit my buzzer wasn’t because I didn’t like the song; I was afraid your voice was gonna blow out, and you never get to talk again, because you were screaming so loud.

Does that hurt your voice?”

Aaralyn: “No.”

Howard: “Well I got to tell you: that song really packs a punch. It really does. What is the title of that song?”

Aaralyn: “Zombie Skin.”
Howard: “Zombie Skin? That’s what I thought.”
Aaralyn: “It was about Zombies.”
Howard: “I love the way you dress when you do this form of music.

I love it. I love it. Heidi, what did you think?”

Heidi Klum: “I’m really confused: you’re so cute and sweet and when you open your mouth, I was like . . . . I really want to meet your parents. Where are they? Are they there?

What goes on your house?”

Howard: “Ah ha. There’s the culprit. There’s the culprit.”

Heidi Klum: “What’s going on?”

Side Host: “Good job, Dad.”

Howard: “Alright, let’s hear from Mel B.

Mel B: “Scary Spice is officially scared. That’s it.”

Howard: “Howie.”

Howie: “I love it. The people who saw this are rewinding, and saying ‘you’re not gonna believe what this little girl just did. Have you written any other music? Have you other songs? What are some of the other titles?”

Aaralyn: “Lullaby Crush”.
Howie: “Lullaby Crash?”
Aaralyn: “Brush my Hair in Knots.”
Howard: “Oh, I know that one. It goes like this: ‘Huhuhu Hahaha’!

Alright we’re gonna vote. I’m going to Howie Mandel first. You’re an expert on this type of music. How about it?”
Howie: “I do. I do like this kind of music. And you think it’s crazy, but I do. And hopefully, we’ll get to see you in Vegas, because I’m voting ‘yes’.”
Mel B: “I have to be realistic . . .”
Heidi Klum: “I’m still confused, but I do want to hear ‘Lullaby Crash’. Lullaby Crash! I want to hear it!”
Howard Stern: “You know what they say ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Let’s see if you can keep a secret in Vegas. I’m gonna say ‘yes’! Why not? I like this.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Drums. How did Isaiah start playing the drums?

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass. Did Aaralyn’s father encourage her to begin singing?

Keyboards, Synthesizer. Is the Partridge Family a new or old TV show?

Piano. Aaralyn sang a kindergarten song. True or false? Was it a love song?

Saxophone. None of the judge pressed their red buzzer. Is this correct or incorrect? Did Judge Howard his red buzzer because he hates Heavy Metal? Did Aaralyn’s throat hurt?

Trumpet, Trombone. “I’m really confused.” Why did Judge Heidi say she was confused?

Violin, Cello. Do Aaralyn and Isaiah have other songs?

Clarinet, Oboe. The audience liked them and their performance. Is this right or wrong? How did the judges vote?

Flute. Was Aaralyn and Isaiah’s performance what you expected? Were you shocked and surprised?

Xylophone. Are children’s performances popular? Have you seen child bands or child singers perform?

Harp. Are Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music popular?

Accordion. What will happen to Aaralyn and Isaiah?

Tuba, French Horn.
Would you like to play the drums or other musical instrument?

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