the science demonstration show

The Science Demonstration




stage science container
act amazing win/won/won
whole believe dangerous
voice high (2) come this way
worth lab coat take it all in
fun helium experiment
goggle roll (2) nightmare
stuff confused put them on
boil cool (2) hydrogen peroxide
mix reaction countdown
splash back up make out way
liquid catalyst Fahrenheit
trash careful trash can
swoop probably as fast as you can
weird go away






Nick Uhas: Okay, the fun does not stop. We have more science experiments. There’s two more people. Okay, let’s roll. Okay.

Mel B: Oh my gosh.

Nick Uhas: This is the table of science.

First thing we are going to do is put on goggles. We have a lab coat.
Mel B: So we put them on?
Howie: How confused can you be?
Nick Uhas: So this is 35% hydrogen peroxide; it’s very dangerous stuff. What is in this little container right here is called potassium iodide. It is a catalyst.
Howie: Right.
Nick Uhas: Catalysts makes a reaction go faster without being changed itself.
Howie: Great.
Nick Uhas: So what we are going to do is mix these two together — and we are going to make a reaction go . . . really fast.

I want you to go a little closer down here. I don’t want it to splash anywhere, right?
Heidi Klum: And then you have to run!

Nick Uhas: We’re going to do it on three . . . two . . . one! Wow, back up.
Tyra Banks: Wow! That’s cool!

Nick Uhas: Alright, we’re going to make our way over here. We’ve got one more.
Howie: Okay.
Nick Uhas: This is all you buddy. We have two things here: We have liquid nitrogen, which is negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit — it’s very cold. We have boiling hot water over here.
Put this on.
Howie: That?
Nick Uhas: Oh, yeah: safety first.
Nick Uhas: You are going to try to get ALL of that hot water … into this trash can … all in one swoop.

Heidi Klum: Without dying.
Nick Uhas: That’s right. And then you’re going to back up and run as fast as you all can.
Heidi Klum: Drop and run, Howie. I think you can count down.
Howie: Why is everybody going away?
Tyra Banks: Howie, be careful.
Howie: Be careful?
Nick Uhas: All right. On three . . . two . . . one . . .
Heidi Klum: It’s coming this way!
Nick Uhas: It’s the way of your best mad scientist!
Heidi Klum: Good job!
Howie: I know!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Science. Did other people help the performer or did he perform alone? How many people helped him? Who helped him?

Chemistry. For the demonstration, Howie and Mel B were wearing disco clothes. True or false? What did they put on?

Did the first experiment involved fruits, like apples, oranges and a watermelon? On the table, were there fruits or chemicals? How many containers of chemicals were there? What color were the chemicals?

What did the three people do? What happened? Was it extremely dangerous, dangerous, partly dangerous, safe or perfectly safe?

Describe the set up of the second experiment. Did it involve special chemicals?

Was there an explosion? Was it extremely dangerous, dangerous, partly dangerous, safe or perfectly safe?

What was the audience’s reaction? Did they like Nick’s act? How did the judges vote? Did they vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’?


Is there a message, theme or idea from Nick Uhas’ demonstration?

Do you think science is easy, difficult or in the middle?

Can teachers and professors make science fun, interesting and enjoyable?

Do you personally know any scientists? Is there a need for more scientists? Is there a shortage of scientists?

My friends want to become scientists. Yes or no?

What will happen in the future?

Should people and the government do anything regarding science?

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