The Rain




hey team up with Good Samaritan
guy team (2) make/made/made
rain say/said/said throw/threw/thrown
wish wish for get/got/got-gotten
dude verbalize go/went/gone
bless blast (2) feel/felt/felt (2)
frantic it was a blast give/gave/given
roof reason (2) God bless you
frenzy make my day get it/go get it
clap rooftop clap your hands
promise piranha feeding frenzy
ready swear (2) I swear to God






Host, one: Hey man, I got a question for you: If you could wish, if you could wish, wish for anything, what would it be, what would you wish for?

Man: Money.
Host, one: What?
Man: Money.
Host, one: Have you ever made a wish, like verbalize it, and say, “I wish for money?” Try it. Say it.
Man: I wish for money, bro.

Man: It’s like my wish came true, dude.
Host, one: Go get it!

Man on Roof Terrace, one: This for YouTube?
Host, two: Yeah.
Man on Rooftop: That’s Awesome!

Host, two: Thank you.
Man on Roof Terrace, two: That’s a good Samaritan.

Person: That just made everyone’s day!

Host, one: It was mine.
Woman: It was yours?
Man: What are you doing that for?
Host, one: It’s just the feeling of just watching people get it.

Host, one: This is Jack Vale. And it feels sooo good to give people money. It was a blast. Absolutely. God bless you guys.

Man: Make a lot of happy people today.
Host, one: Yes sir, that was a blast.

Woman: Why did you do that?
Host, one: Me and Rahat just wanted to do it; give people money for no reason.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



0.73 UK Pound Sterling. This videos took place at a beach. True or false? Where did this videos take place?

0.84 Euro. What did the young men do?

0.92 Swiss Frank. Did people on the sidewalk ignore what was happening? How did the people react?

1.00 US Dollar. Did only a few or many people gather below?

3.86 Polish Zloty. The people on the ground felt bored, tired, lethargic, unmotivated and unenthusiastic. Is this right or wrong? Describe their behavior.

5.22 Brazilian Real. The two men sneaked away from the scene. They quickly esscped from the scene. Is this correct or incorrect?

6.48 Chinese Renminbi (Yuan). Why did the men throw their money to people?
8.56 Turkish Lira. I was surprised by how the people reacted. I was totally shocked. Yes, no, yes-and-no, in the middle? What does this say about human nature?

20.65 Mexican Pesos. Have you experienced or seen something like this before?

74.47 Indian Rupees. Would you like to catch or pick up money? Would you like to throw money to a crowd? If you saw someone throwing money, what would you and your friends do?

42,044 Iranian Rials. What was the purpose of the men throwing money? Why did they throw money to people? Where might the money have come from?

3.56 X 10^11 Venezuelan Bolivares. A person went to the top level of a shopping mall and began throwing money. Later, he was arrested by the police. Why did the police arrest him?

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